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Why hello there!

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s been an interesting week. I have to admit I have been unfaithfull to WoW and tried out the Rift beta. I wanted to hate that game so much. Especially after seeing their advertisement ‘we’re not in Azeroth any more’. I felt slightly offended by it.

I created some characters and I have to admit I was a bit impressed (even if their elves run weird), but as soon as I started playing I was hooked. Now I have to play two mmo’s :/

Anyhow, after my disloyalty I went over to my old server and rolled a fresh Draenai Shaman. May I introduce: Rahiema

I’ve played her all Sunday and I have to say I am impressed with enhancement shamans so far. I love her animations when she hits an enemy with her mighty weapons. I think it’s also the little tail movement she does *grins*

I’ve got her to level 18 now but I already have a tabard for Darnassus rep. I can’t stand eleks and I think sabers are the better mount.

Just look:

No no no, that won’t do. It needs to be sleek and quick. Time to do some instances and earn that reputation 🙂

This week we interview Ben. We talk about our time in WoW, Music that reminds us of WoW and our playlists. Time to get on some rantpants and talk about our biggest petpeeves in WoW.

How to contact us:

Twitter: GGWshow


If you are a girl and want to be interviewed on our podcast just give us a poke. Keep in mind we’re in the UK

Thank you all you amazing people who subscribed, left comments and 4/5 star reviews on Itunes and who are following us on Twitter. Cookies and muffins for all of you.


Podcast Girls gone WoW show 4

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

I just finished show 4 of my podcast Girls gone WoW. I can edit sound myself now. I know TS3 is not a great way to record a podcast, but at least I know now how to edit music for an intor and an outro. Next step will be trying to record over Skype and hopefully that will improve the sound quality a lot.

I am really enjoying podcasting. We’re still a bit all over the place and it would be nice to get some feedback from listeners, but for now I’m happy 🙂


Girls gone WoW; show 3

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Show 3 is finally here and I have to say that I am pretty satsfied with this one. I think we might have found our format and the hosts are starting to get more comfy in their roles.

I would really appreciate any feedback that people can give!
You can find a download to the podcast here girls-gone-wow-show-3 but we can also be found on Itunes.

For years my main was a nightelf druid called Oronil. It’s what most people still know me by. Every time I serverhop I make a new character named Oronil. The name is as much part of me as my real life name.

I got this name 6 years ago. My then boyfriend was into Dungeons and Dragons and had a half-dragon character named Oronil. I loved the name and when WoW was released I knew that I should have that name for my first character. To be fair, I did spell it wrong. It was supposed to be Orronil, but I left one r out.

It’s weird that just seeing the name brings a smile to my face. It brings back very fond memories of my first years in WoW, when I started to forge friendships with people I still talk to today. It reminds me of the time when I started to interact with my now-husband under that name.

I don’t have very fond memories of that boyfriend, but the name is mine now and I’m claiming it as my own.  However, I am not using the name any longer. I have returned to my old server to see things on the alliance side (even if I still have lots of fun on my horde server.) I don’t raid so I don’t see why I should stick to one faction/server. I did notice that I’m very hesitant of using Oronil for any of my new alliance characters on my old server. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I don’t always want people to know who I am. There are some individuals on my old server who I really dislike and I don’t want to interact with them whatsoever. Using my old name would only draw attention and I just want to level in peace. But it is tempting to use my old name again.

I am struggling with this question. There are a lot of good emotes in this game, but I hardly use any at all. I guess if I look at my past I’d go for the /dance emote. Especially in pvp or when someone in a dungeon dies. I tend to start dancing on their corpse. Trust me, that’s a lot better than the emotes I used to make back in the days of Molten Core when some of my guildies died in the raid and I decided that ‘teabagging’ as a kitty was funny. I made a whole macro emote for it and all. I was quite the pervert back then… in fact I still have some very disturbing emotes/macro’s somewhere.

When the /cower came out I found it hilarious to see it on my moonkin. I couldn’t stop laughing and  I guess it is still a favourite of mine. Like I said, it’s not my best question to answer, but it’ll do.

On more interesting news: I just recorded show 3 of Girls gone WoW and I’m really happy with the result. It just needs some editing and music and we’re ready to bang it onto Itunes. I just wish I knew how to make it a bit more noticeable to the wide world. Anyone have some amazing tips how to reach more listeners?

Day 3 – Favourite NPC?

Posted: January 3, 2011 in 30 days

A few days ago I would have said Thrall. I would have gone on and on about how I loved his background story and how I loved how much he cares for his people. I have to admit that Christie Golden has influenced me a lot when it comes to loving Thrall and orcs as much as I do now (and Metzen of course after stating Thrall was “Green and Sexy”).

However, as of a few days I found an Npc whose background I find fascinating and so dark that I’m hoping Blizzard will give her an even bigger role in Warcraft. I’m talking about Lilian Voss. Her background story is here on Wowpedia and after watching some of the video’s surrounding her questline it is clear to me that this will be my favourite NPC.

She’s betrayed and everything she believed in has been taken away from her. The fact that she has the coolest deathgrip animation and can make people burst into purple flames just add to her scary-factor. Sylvanas move over, I want this twisted chick leading the undead! (I know it’s never going to happen, but I do hope she’s getting a bigger role in due time).

Ow and she reminds a lot of people of a character from Magic: the Gathering.