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So last night I’ve been still struggling to pick what characters to play in Legion. I think I will settle on my 4 alliance toons: Draenai hunter, gnome mage, pandaran priest and of course my human warlock. Seeing that classes matter more in the next expansion, it has actually given me an insentive to level every class. I say every class, but I won’t have a dk, rogue or monk. I just can’t get the hang of these classes.

Ofcourse WoW isn’t my only mmo, I mean this is me, the girl who is always undesisive about games etc. So what mmo’s have I been playing?

Guildwars 2: I have to admit that I really enjoy playing my necromancer, but I really am playing this game as if it was a single player. I’m not interested in the dungeons or pvp. I’ve just been focussing on her personal storyline and it’s really good. I don’t know if I’d want to get the expansion Heart of Thorns for this one as soon as it’s released though.

Elder Scrolls online: I adore this game! I am playing it on ps4 now and the quests are a lot of fun. As always it took me a while to settle on a character, but I now have a nightblade Khajiit and I really enjoy playing her.

I do feel that this game is just better on the ps4, it doesn’t feel so clunky when you play it with a controller. Also the Aldmeri Dominion (one of the factions you choose to join at the start of the game) has the most amazing NPC in the entire game: Razum-Dar

This Khajiit always makes me giggle when I have to help him with missions and it’s one of the reasons why I ditched my bosmer sorcerer for a Khajiit. Also Cats Rule!

If you’re thinking of picking up ESO I would say ‘yes, do it!’, but I do feel that it plays better on the ps4 personally. The storyline is great and the world is amazing. I love discovering tiny things that lead you to another quest or more lore.

So this is how I’ve been dividing my time on mmo’s lately.


I’m sure all wow players will have watched the live stream of Blizzard presenting ‘Legion’ at Gamescom. If not check it out here:

I am happy about this xpac, but I haven’t been throwing my cash at the monitor like I used to in the past. I’m excited for it, but I’m also a bit cautious. Perhaps it’s because Warlords disappointed me more than I was happy to admit to. It’s not a bad expansion, but I just don’t feel involved into what’s happening in Draenor and the story was lacking in the end. However, Legion seems to be focusing a lot on some of the story lines that I’m interested in (and yay no orcs for once).

I will try out a Demonhunter, but I don’t know if I will main it unless it blows my mind. Knowing me though and my experiences with monk and deathknight, it has to be a pretty amazing class.

And here comes the kicker…. I don’t know what to play now. I love my draenai hunter, but I can’t see myself rp-ing with her, she’s also not on an rp server. I do think I will be focusing on her, but this xpac has made me want to level something on my rp realm. A character I can write stories about. Now my rp server holds some of the toons I dearly love because of their backgrounds: The goblin priest who will guarantee your place in the here after if you are willing to pay the coin for it, The undead mage who in life was a teacher and now that the maggots are eating away at her brain, is getting quite confused at times and yelling at everyone as if they were naughty kids in her classroom. The bloodelf hunter who is a ranger and has a fear of spiders. So many characters to choose from.

I did create 3 new alliance toons on that server: a pandaren priest, a gnome mage and a human warlock. Now the gnome mage will probably played as Vanellope VonSchweetz from Wreck it Ralph. I love that character and I can see this mage being just as much of a little know it all brat. The panda has no background yet (I always find pandaren hard to rp), but my warlock… oh my warlock…. She is a young girl from Elwynn forest, her family works on their farm and her older sisters are all married and mothers to dozens of kids. But my little lock Zoellha wants a bit more in life. Ever since she saw Jaina Proudmore as a little girl, she wanted to be just like her. She loves her books and tried to study really hard to become a great mage apprentice. Unfortunately, when she tried to summon down some rain for some of the locals (which did not ask her to do this at all), she kinda… sorta summoned a rain of fireballs out of the sky… destroying all the crops. Also her water elemental doesn’t really look like any of the other ones she has seen… it’s kind small… and it has horns and a really bad attitude. Her sisters told her that perhaps it would be a good idea to give up on all this magic nonsense and become a wife and mother, but Zoellha was determined to make her Lady Jaina Proudmore proud! Her mother, always the understanding kind, sent her to a warlock trainer and even if Zoellha is gutted that arcane magic isn’t hers to command, she will now be the best warlock ever to make Lady Jaina proud. She sometimes still is in denial about her warlock abilities and calls herself a mage with a bit of spice. Ow and did I mention she has a crush on Anduin Wrynn? And this girl is clumsy as can be?

And that is why I love playing her… except that I’m really awful at playing warlock >.< So what am I supposed to do now? Ugh….