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Unexpected changes

Posted: January 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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ImageThat’s right, I created a new bounty hunter in SW:ToR and I was surprised to see that instead of the two character slots I can now create six characters and that makes me incredibly happy.

The only thing that is still a bit of a downer is the fact I can’t play Chiss as a race. I love them, but I’m not willing to pay extra to get that race unlocked.

I’m giving SWToR another chance and see how much I’ll like it, but since it’s F2P now, I might as well play it very casually to unlock some more story content.




This little beauty arrived on Monday and I was giddy as a 5 year old on Xmas morning. After carefully opening it, I was left with the cutest 3DS XL I’ve ever seen.



I charged it straight away. I saw that it didn’t come with any chargers (Amazon warmed with about that and it was on the box), so I wasn’t standing there with a DS without any juice. Then came the fun part: setting it up. I don’t know why I enjoy things like that, but it makes me feel all techie and it also feels like it is really my item. 

Now I got a free game with it (Super Mario 3DS land) and I am adoring it. Though I’m looking forward to October when Pokemon X comes out. Because I want this pokemon so bad!



Did you purchase anything lately that has made you really happy?

After a long time I’m finally enjoying WoW again. I know that it is perfectly normal to get burned out at times when you play a game for 8 years. Luckily I’m part of a great community and have wonderful friends who knew how to get me out of my little dip in WoW.

EJ and Raven (my co-hosts on Girls Gone WoW) suggested I would just focus on one or two characters. I have to admit that it’s three chars now, but I’m feeling a lot better. I’ve decided to level my pandaren hunter, Draenai shaman and my panda monk. I alter them when I get a bit bored with one toon or when they run out of rested xp. It has made playing the game a lot more enjoyable.

I also don’t feel the push any more to do all the things. I’ll do my farm when I feel like it and the same goes for dailies. I still plan on seeing all the content, but I’m in no rush. Same goes for levelling all my toons. I want all my characters on both sides to reach 90 in the end. I guess levelling is just a thing that I do and I enjoy it if I don’t get overwhelmed for choices.

That leads me to my new pondering though. What do I level on the horde side? I don’t want to level 3 toons there at the same time. I want to focus on one toon and just play it and I’d rather not play the same class that I’m already playing on alliance side, so no shaman, monk or hunter for the moment.

There’s a few toons I’m oogling:

Greskaa; the Orc warrior who is running around in Howling Fjord

Zanija; the troll warlock who just arrived in Feralas

Katili; the bloodelf paladin who made her first steps in Pandaland

Tinkxi; the goblin priest who is healing her butt off in Outland

Aliskayla; the goblin mage who is ready for Pandaland

I think I might have to keep the warlock for our little GGW levelling project that I’m planning on doing with Raven and EJ and any other guildies that want to join us. I’m thinking of rp-levelling even through dungeons and zones if people would be interested in that.

So what class to level on horde side… *ponders*


I’ll buy that!

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I'll buy that!

My new default mount for all my panda’s!