When you have to start making hard choices

Posted: May 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

For the last months I’ve been having an internal struggle. As many know, I played WoW for many many years, but this expansion just fizzled out for me very quickly. This doesn’t mean I think wow is a bad game and I’d still play it, but only for the pvp. I had, however, subbed for 6 months in one go. All that time I felt guilty for not playing it every day.

I thought that perhaps dabbling in FFXIV would show me the ways of mmo-love again, but even if the game is gorgeous, I just can’t get into it. The story is great, but there’s not enough in one go to keep me satisfied and I really hate grinding several levels by just doing fates or dungeons to get to a level which will unlock more of the story quests. Again, the guild of paying money for a game that I hardly enjoy playing, played a big part in my final decision.

I still think WoW will be my no 1 mmo, but for now I am not going to pay or play either of these mmo’s. Instead I am going to save my money and will spend it when I go on holiday to Spain and Holland this year.

So what will I play? There are many great free mmo’s out there. I definetely am going to return to The Secret World. They have had many quality of life changes in the game, so I am going to start over with a Templar character this time. Being in England for around 8 years has made me rather patriotic of this country, and the Templar would be perfect for that feeling.

If I want my fantasy fix, I am debating between the following mmo’s: Guildwars 2, ESO, ArcheAge and Rift.

Now I have enjoyed Rift in the past, but found the storyline kinda meh and I don’t know enough about ArcheAge to give it my honest opinion though I have heard many people complain that it’s pay to win.

So that leaves ESO and Guildwars 2…. Eso was incredibly enjoyable, but I think I will start playing it on my ps4. I did pay for that transfer and it will be lovely to play it on a bigger screen. Also I can see this game being easier to play with a controler.

Guildwars 2 has such a unique vibe to it. Biggest problem for me in that game; I can’t pick a class ;). I think I might go for an elementalist or Mesmer. I had a very cool sylvari ranger, but there’s something about casting spells that makes it more epic. Or I could try out the new class that they are hyping 😉

So still many choices to be made, but I do feel happy that I no longer have to feel guilty about not playing mmo’s I have to pay for. That’s around £15 a month I save and for a whole year it all adds up.

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