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Cross-platform woes

Posted: February 12, 2015 in General gaming
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A few days Evolve got released. I’ve been eyeing the new shooter Evolve. Normally I am quite picky with my shooters and I don’t really like anything that’s too realistic like COD or the like, so Evolve sounded like a great game for me. I have to admit that the fact I can play an always evolving monstrosity that will prey on a group of hunters really appeals to me. I love monsters as you might have guessed.

So I started doing my research. I’m not the kind of person who will just buy a game without watching some game play or reading reviews from other people first. Now there is some controversy over the game and debates on it’s longevity, but I think it’s always best to decide for yourself. As a tip; I always go to Twitch to watch some streams to see if the game play appeals to me and what people in chat say. Mind you, chat on Twitch can be heavily toxic at times, but you just have to wade all through that. So after watching loads of streams on Twitch I figured out I would be enjoying this game for certain.

Then came the second obstacle and I haven’t crossed this bridge yet. What platform do I get the game on? I can either get it for Playstation or PC. My pc can run this game easily so that is not into the equation. I have an equal amount of friends playing on either system and I was hoping the boyfriend would want to play it with me on Playstation, but he hates fps games. I am very tempted to get it for pc, but another part of me is just so annoyed with the fact that I have a console and I should really get some more games for it, even if I am so bad at shooting with a controler.

I wish that in a perfect world, you’d just buy the game and it automatically would allow you to play it cross platforms. I can always dream, can’t I?

Have you had this dilemma? Think I should get it for pc or playstation?

Just look at these pretties!

Just look at these pretties!