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Lately I’ve been playing my Bloodelf hunter a lot. Well, I say a lot, but I’m actually taking my time with her. She’s only level 93 but I really want to get her to 100 and then focus on the human warlock and I even rolled a belf rogue. A class I suck at so much, it’s a new challenge now for me.

All these chars reside on Argent Dawn which is an rp server and that’s exactly what I want tot do with my characters. Raiding doesn’t tickle my fancy any longer and I’m tired of my alliance characters (not entirely otherwise I wouldn’t have a human lock ;)) so hopefully running around on horde side I will feel inspired again to play.

30 Days World of Warcraft Challenge

Day 01 β€” Your first character?
Day 02 β€” The biggest jerk you’ve dealt with (in game)?
Day 03 β€” A class you’re awful at playing?
Day 04 β€” Your favorite zone (Classic, BC, WotLK & Cata)?
Day 05 β€” Your favorite classic instance?
Day 06 β€” Your favorite quest line?
Day 07 β€” Your favorite piece of lore?
Day 08 β€” PvE/PvP/RP?
Day 09 β€” Horde or Alliance (and why)?
Day 10 β€” Your favorite mount.
Day 11 β€” Your favorite gear set.
Day 12 β€” Your achievements (choose one character and link it).
Day 13 β€” Your favorite Burning Crusade instance?
Day 14 β€” When did you start playing?
Day 15 β€” Your favorite Wrath instance?
Day 16 β€” What do you listen to while playing?
Day 17 β€” Your favorite WoW related YouTube video?
Day 18 β€” Best and Worst thing about WoW?
Day 19 β€” Favorite class and why?
Day 20 β€” How did you come up with your main’s name?
Day 21 β€” Your favorite battleground?
Day 22 β€” Your non-combat pets (choose one character and link it).
Day 23 β€” The longest you’ve gone without playing?
Day 24 β€” Your favorite screenshot.
Day 25 β€” Who do you play with?
Day 26 β€” List your characters and their levels.
Day 27 β€” Your titles (choose one character).
Day 28 β€” Your favorite and least-favorite boss?
Day 29 β€” Something you worked really hard to get.
Day 30 β€” Your main (Armory link & screenshot)?

I went through my blog and saw I once started this challenge but never finished it. So now I am going to continue this. I have linked the first 5 days to my previous post and I will pick up from day 6.