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No longer blue!

Posted: June 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday I decided I couldn’t be bothered to bleach my roots any more. So instead of having a blue fringe, my entire hair is black again.

I have to say that I was thinking about this for at least two weeks. I loved my blue hair, but I am incredibly lazy when it comes to maintaining it. Second thing that made me want to dye my hair black again are the comments.

It seems that if you are looking slightly different than the average Joe or Betty, it’s all of a sudden ok to get random comments thrown towards you. Now you can get really positive comments, sure. I got some amazing comments about how people loved my blue hair. However, I also got people yelling at me from windows and laughing about the colour of my hair (in which I told them that they were incredibly rude and that I might have blue hair, but at least my mother told me to be polite, something they seemed to lack. In the end it did shut them up.), or people who think they can make these random little snide remarks or jokes. You see this a lot though; I’ve seen people getting mocked or getting rude remarks just for dressing differently or having piercings and tattoo’s. It is absolutely beyond me why all of a sudden that would give a person the green light to be rude. How come you can’t seem to say anything to a person who looks ‘normal’? Perhaps they are not creative enough, unlike the people they feel necessary to mock.

I am silently mourning the end of having blue hair, but I do think that it will be a lot quieter in my life. Unless, of course they find something else to yell at me. Perhaps the fact that my skin isn’t white (yes, this has happened to me too. You’ve got to love racists *sarcasm*) Now don’t get me wrong. I didn’t like the comments, but I have a pretty thick skin and I can stand up for myself. Besides, should we really care about the opinion of people who feel the need to talk others down because of their own insecurities?

For anyone else out there who is thinking of dying their hair a funky colour: go for it! Just don’t be lazy like me and actually make sure you are ok with bleaching your roots over and over!


Ps I’m not going to change the name of my blog, since I still feel like a blue haired geek 😉

Dungeon Finder Bingo Time!

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Goals, pugs
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I had heard of these before and I actually find them hilarious:

I think I will use one of these bingo-cards next time I have to run a dungeon.

Do you guys know if there are any more wow-related bingo-cards out there? Not just for dungeons or pugs, anything wow-related! Show me some links 😀

Of course if you want to play non-wow Bingo online you can always go to Foxy Bingo.


Posted: June 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve lost 11.5 lbs in 6 weeks. I’m quite proud of myself. If I compare it to my previous losses on the Cambridge diet, it’s almost nothing. I used to lose about a stone in a month. However, I was not working out this hard. How could I on just 500 calories a day. I’ve learned that faster, isn’t always better. I am eating nice food and have a treat if my calorie-intake allows it and I am also working out. In fact, I am actually starting to run. I’m still mostly jogging on my runs, but the last 2 minutes I try to increase my speed and it’s not killing me so far. Six weeks ago I couldn’t even run for a full minute and now I’m running 20 minutes in a row. This Saturday I have to run 25 minutes in one go. Slowly I’m working my way up to 30 minutes and once I can do that, I will start working on speed.

In November there is a 10 kilometre run and I really want to sign up for it. It has given me a goal and I want to achieve it!

I haven’t had much inspiration lately to draw or pick up any new games. It’s really horrible. I am just so tired (must be all the running 😉 )


Why I hate Twilight

Posted: June 10, 2012 in rant

And the movies only made it worse!

ps. I made this a very long time ago, but thought I would share it nonetheless.

Why I play girls

Posted: June 5, 2012 in roleplay

I had this chat with my husband yesterday and he basically asked me why I don’t have any male toons in WoW.

It was a good question and I thought about it for a bit. I think the biggest issue with male toons is the lack of immersion for me. I can’t really identify myself with a male character. I find the female characters more fun to play.

Now I’m not saying I dislike male toons. Take the worgen for example. I think the male toons are far better than the female ones. (seriously, don’t get me started about the rabid Chihuahua head that the females have),  but when male worgen shift back into their human form I just want to curl up in a  ball and die. No, I’m not a fan of male human toons. They are boring and have porn moustaches.

I might as well make this into a little list of favourites and all!

Alliance males:

  1. Worgen (only in worgen form)
  2. Draenai
  3. Nightelves
  4. Dwarves
  5. Gnomes
  6. Humans

Horde Males

  1. Tauren
  2. Trolls
  3. Goblins
  4. Bloodelves
  5. Undead
  6. Orcs

In all honesty, I prefer the Horde male toons a lot more. I used to have a male Tauren and Troll and I adored them. Unfortunately, I keep having the immersion issue. I lose the connection with my toon as soon as it doesn’t have any boobies.

I have to admit though that this might change in Mist of Pandaria. I was incredibly enthusiastic about the female Pandaren, until this week when I heard her voice. I hate it. Where the character looks bouncy, fun and full of live, almost anime-ish, her voice is dull, bland and sounds like an old woman. It just doesn’t fit the character.

Now the male Pandaren voice is fun to me. I giggled when I heard some of the things he said and in all honesty I don’t mind the character models at all. So perhaps MoP will make things different for me and I might have a male toon in my list of characters to play.