30 Days World of Warcraft Challenge

Day 01 — Your first character?
Day 02 — The biggest jerk you’ve dealt with (in game)?
Day 03 — A class you’re awful at playing?
Day 04 — Your favorite zone (Classic, BC, WotLK & Cata)?
Day 05 — Your favorite classic instance?
Day 06 — Your favorite quest line?
Day 07 — Your favorite piece of lore?
Day 08 — PvE/PvP/RP?
Day 09 — Horde or Alliance (and why)?
Day 10 — Your favorite mount.
Day 11 — Your favorite gear set.
Day 12 — Your achievements (choose one character and link it).
Day 13 — Your favorite Burning Crusade instance?
Day 14 — When did you start playing?
Day 15 — Your favorite Wrath instance?
Day 16 — What do you listen to while playing?
Day 17 — Your favorite WoW related YouTube video?
Day 18 — Best and Worst thing about WoW?
Day 19 — Favorite class and why?
Day 20 — How did you come up with your main’s name?
Day 21 — Your favorite battleground?
Day 22 — Your non-combat pets (choose one character and link it).
Day 23 — The longest you’ve gone without playing?
Day 24 — Your favorite screenshot.
Day 25 — Who do you play with?
Day 26 — List your characters and their levels.
Day 27 — Your titles (choose one character).
Day 28 — Your favorite and least-favorite boss?
Day 29 — Something you worked really hard to get.
Day 30 — Your main (Armory link & screenshot)?

I went through my blog and saw I once started this challenge but never finished it. So now I am going to continue this. I have linked the first 5 days to my previous post and I will pick up from day 6.

Finding your way in WoW again

Posted: February 23, 2015 in mmo, roleplay, WoW
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We’ve all been there. You’ve been playing a game you love to death for several months, years, decade and all of a sudden you have no urge to log in anymore and when you do it’s only for a few seconds.

This is what happens to me on occasion with wow. I get periods that I just don’t find the game that interesting and will unsub for a while to try something else. The difference is that normally this happens in between xpansions. Warlords hasn’t even been out for 6 months and I already feel like it for the last weeks.

I tried focusing on a new char, my human warlock Zoellha and as much fun I had on here, warlock doesn’t ‘fit’ me. I tried going back to druids, but even they don’t seem to do it for me. Then I remembered my bloodelf hunter. I only leveled her to level 7 but I found her quite fun to play. So I figured I would test to see if I’d enjoy playing her.

In a day I got her to level 58…. then I pushed her to 60 and gave her my free WoD boost to 90. I am hoping that if I focus on her background story and do all the horde quests on her I will find some love for the game again. This has worked in the past and I already have written down a long background story for her, so I’m hoping to get the chance to roleplay more with her too.

Here’s hoping!


Did you ever try something ‘new’ in game to find the love again?

It’s Lent, time to give up things

Posted: February 18, 2015 in Goals
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I’m not religious. I went to Christian schools, but the concept of Lent was always a mystery to me and I hadn’t even heard about it until I moved to the UK. I do like the concept of it tho, if only to try out some new habits.

Now Lent is normally about giving up something for 40-something days. This years Lent will end at 2 April and I had a long and hard think about what I wanted to give up, but also to reflect to myself and make things better for myself in the end.

So for Lent 2015 I’m giving up the following:

Restarting the diet: I’m on day 3 now and it feels like I’m mentally ready to do it now. Considering that Lent will give me at least 40 days to keep on track, I can only see myself pushing for 100 days eventually (my ultimate goal).

– Feeling guilty about doing absolutely nothing: I am not the kind of person who can just do ‘nothing’ and be ‘unproductive’, but after some chats on twitter I realized that it’s not making me happier and it is all about my body and mind recovering in some down time.

Spending money on new games when I still have to finish my old ones: I think this is very self explanatory

Giving up bacon would be incredibly hard.

Giving up bacon would be the ultimate lent challenge.

 Are you giving up anything on Lent?

Happy belated Valentines day!

Posted: February 16, 2015 in Evolve
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Well I have to say that I knew I picked a good guy this time around. Not only did he give me the cutest card (it had a fox on it and he knew it was the perfect card for me) he also gifted me Evolve the monster edition for pc!

It has to be said this valentine’s day was the best so far! Now I’m off to kill some hunters, Raaaawr!!!

Can you feel the love?

Can you feel the love?

Friday the 13th

Posted: February 13, 2015 in horror
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Today is Friday the 13th and the day has started with me having to cancel lunch with a friend, because I woke up in the most excruciating pain I’ve had in a while. Feeling rather sorry for myself I started to spend the day watching some horror films while being heavily drugged up on painkillers. It makes for an amazing film experience.

It got me thinking about good horror games tho. Lately a lot off games have been released that full under the horror genre, but none of them have that cheesy teen slasher feel. That was until I listened to a podcast and I got told about the game Until Dawn.


Dude with creepy clown mask? check!

I immediately looked up a trailer and the 24 minutes gameplay and I wasn’t disappointed. I am a fan of these cheesy films and playing a game where you can experience this sounds great. We’ve all yelled at the scream when the girl (yes, often it’s a girl) decides to walk up the stairs in a dark house where none of the lights seem to work, to investigate that strange noise. Instead of running out of the house straight to a well lit area. However, this game asks you to make split second decisions and it makes me wonder how many times we will make the stupid decision ourselves in a blind panic.

Blonde taking a bath while creepy clown dude is watching her? Check!

Blonde taking a bath while creepy clown dude is watching her? Check!

I for one can’t wait for this game. How about you?

Cross-platform woes

Posted: February 12, 2015 in General gaming
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A few days Evolve got released. I’ve been eyeing the new shooter Evolve. Normally I am quite picky with my shooters and I don’t really like anything that’s too realistic like COD or the like, so Evolve sounded like a great game for me. I have to admit that the fact I can play an always evolving monstrosity that will prey on a group of hunters really appeals to me. I love monsters as you might have guessed.

So I started doing my research. I’m not the kind of person who will just buy a game without watching some game play or reading reviews from other people first. Now there is some controversy over the game and debates on it’s longevity, but I think it’s always best to decide for yourself. As a tip; I always go to Twitch to watch some streams to see if the game play appeals to me and what people in chat say. Mind you, chat on Twitch can be heavily toxic at times, but you just have to wade all through that. So after watching loads of streams on Twitch I figured out I would be enjoying this game for certain.

Then came the second obstacle and I haven’t crossed this bridge yet. What platform do I get the game on? I can either get it for Playstation or PC. My pc can run this game easily so that is not into the equation. I have an equal amount of friends playing on either system and I was hoping the boyfriend would want to play it with me on Playstation, but he hates fps games. I am very tempted to get it for pc, but another part of me is just so annoyed with the fact that I have a console and I should really get some more games for it, even if I am so bad at shooting with a controler.

I wish that in a perfect world, you’d just buy the game and it automatically would allow you to play it cross platforms. I can always dream, can’t I?

Have you had this dilemma? Think I should get it for pc or playstation?

Just look at these pretties!

Just look at these pretties!

So I stumbled upon this post on my facebook page:


I was really looking forward to this game. Granted, they were kinda vague what it was all about, but that also appealed to me. I think the the videos they produced and that it was set into a modern world. First thing it reminded me of was The Secret World by Funcom, but this seemed even darker. Just having a peak at their art work made me incredibly enthusiastic about this game.

shadowrealms_concept_01 shadowrealms_concept_02 Hallowed05knight_of_molochTo me this concept art is pretty stunning and creepy. It’s a shame when a game people are looking forward to is being cancelled. However, I did spy that Bioware is focusing more on Dragon Age: Inquisition (are we getting an xpac?) an new mass effect (ow please let it have a sexy Turian you can romance) and an unknown new IP….. So at least we can expect more from Bioware.

Did you ever anticipate the release of a game only to find out it was cancelled?