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Welcome to show 6! Gasmasks, Love and Heavy Breathing

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I haven’t run any of the new dungeons that were released when Cataclysm came out, with the exception of the new Shadowfang Keep and the new Deadmines. I enjoyed their new skins very much.

When it comes to my very favourite dungeon I will have to choose for a raid dungeon. I am in love with the troll raid dungeons. The atmosphere, the music, the sounds, the mobs and the bosses. There is just so much that makes me go ‘ooh that’s so cool and pretty!’ Zul’Gurrub was such a nice change from BWL and MC. It was a dungeon that was filled with animal-gods/bosses and everyone knows that trolls are incredibly cool and evil mobs with their voodoo (I’m not even talking about cannibalism, but that holds a creep factor too). Finally a raid that it didn’t feel like you were cramped into a cave or a room. It was out in the open, no dark, depressing colours, but vibrant greens and reds, plants every where and patrols by animals and gigantic trolls. I loved it.

Zul’aman was a good follow up for a troll raid dungeon. I liked the story behind it and I liked the boss fights. The fact that you could get one of the coolest in game mounts by working hard as a raid group made it even sweeter.

After those two troll-dungeons I have to say that a very close second has to be Karazhan. I didn’t know much about the lore before I entered that dungeon, but it still creeped me out. The music is beautiful and so is the style of the dungeon. I loved the fact that there were different events for the Opera and it was always guessing what you would get. I’ve spend many times in those dungeons and they never bored me. I’m not sure if anything in Cataclysm will give me that feeling again, but I have a long way to go before I will even be raid ready. For now I have very fond memories of those old raids.