Day 3 – Favourite NPC?

Posted: January 3, 2011 in 30 days

A few days ago I would have said Thrall. I would have gone on and on about how I loved his background story and how I loved how much he cares for his people. I have to admit that Christie Golden has influenced me a lot when it comes to loving Thrall and orcs as much as I do now (and Metzen of course after stating Thrall was “Green and Sexy”).

However, as of a few days I found an Npc whose background I find fascinating and so dark that I’m hoping Blizzard will give her an even bigger role in Warcraft. I’m talking about Lilian Voss. Her background story is here on Wowpedia and after watching some of the video’s surrounding her questline it is clear to me that this will be my favourite NPC.

She’s betrayed and everything she believed in has been taken away from her. The fact that she has the coolest deathgrip animation and can make people burst into purple flames just add to her scary-factor. Sylvanas move over, I want this twisted chick leading the undead! (I know it’s never going to happen, but I do hope she’s getting a bigger role in due time).

Ow and she reminds a lot of people of a character from Magic: the Gathering.

  1. Jack says:

    I didn’t know she existed until I read this post. I’m a diehard Alliance player, yes we do exsist, and I know I’ve been missing out on some cool NPCs. That is one angry dead chick. Thanks for bringing this one up as I would have never read about her otherwise!

  2. Saffron says:

    I read the article on WoWInsider and agree with you, she’s awesome!

  3. antlergirl says:

    I used to be alliance for 5 years 🙂 until I found goblins and I’m sure I’m missing out on some amazing alliance npc’s that have been brought into the game now.

  4. Runzwithfire says:

    Indeed, definitely an awesome character and one I hope make a reappearance – I kinda like the idea of tracking her across Lordaeron (sic? probably) and either coercing her into working for the Horde properly or trying to put an end to her carnage. The WoW Insider article on her was a really good read about her backstory and all.

    Just makes me lament that there are so few good Horde Troll characters, Vol’jin is good but underused and Zul’jin doesn’t count – he was a bad guy! Maybe a handsome troll mage in Dalaran somewhere, perhaps named Runz – brb gotta send an email to Chris Metzen 😛

    • antlergirl says:

      I don’t see why Metzen wouldn’t want to use that idea ^^ I agree there could be so many good troll chars around. I like the new druid trainer; zentabra 🙂 (horrible spelling eep)

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