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This weekend was all about playing the beta for Funcom’s next mmo: The Secret World. It’s a modern day mmo that gets the player involved in the conspiracies and mysteries that exist in the world.

Ever since I heard about this mmo, I’ve been looking forward to it. When I saw some game play and screenshots a few months ago, I wasn’t too enthusiastic. It looked… well crap. The player characters looked a bit wooden and I wasn’t that impressed with the environment. I decided to give the game a chance though after hearing some of the press being impressed with the game. So when the chance was there to pre-order the game I did. That also gained me access to their first beta weekend.

I made my character and went into the first scene’s. It is a lot of movie-watching that you have to do and I wasn’t that excited for the first hour or so. That was until I got into the really creepy stuff. I was send to Kingsmouth. A little town that has been hit by a mysterious fog, turning people into flesh-eating zombies and it seems it brought some other creepy crawlies to the town too.

The atmosphere, the design of the town, the quests, the monsters… I am loving it. I am properly creeped out by things, but also engrossed enough to want to keep exploring and finding out what happened to this town, while fighting my way through hordes of zombies that want to nibble on my flesh.

The ability-wheel and non-levelling system is a bit different, but it’s not that difficult to figure out. It gives you a lot of freedom with how you want to play your character and I didn’t feel the rush to reach a certain level, simply since it’s not there.

I actually had to shut of the game, since I didn’t want to be spoiled for when it comes out on the 19th of June. I will buy this game. Now some negative points: I think that I will feel the same way about this game, like I did with SWTOR after reaching level 50 and doing my final class-quest; not much re-play value. I think once I’ve figured out all the mysteries and battles, I’ll probably be done with this game or won’t want to create another character and I’m actually ok with that.

I am seeing this game more as an mmo with an amazing one time storyline I need to follow and I already wrote down a few things I came across in the game that I want to use for my pen and paper-rpg Hunter: the vigil. I can’t wait until the 19th of June to get creeped out!