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Weekly wow update

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I have to admit that my list has changed a bit from two weeks ago. The warlock is now level 31 but Desolace has brought me to a stop. I know I’ll play her again soon since I do love the troll and warlock is a lot of fun, but someone else has crept on the list; my tauren shaman.

I wanted to see what elemental was like nowadays and I really felt the need to see Pandaria from the horde-side. I made a huge mistake, because now all I do is play her. I’ve forgotten about my other 6 toons and just ride around Pandaria in my chopper. She’s a very rough cow *smirks*

The panda rogue is now level 17 and running around in the Barrens without a mount is still painful as ever. She’s fun though and I do love the rogue animations for Panda’s.

I haven’t really touched my alliance toons, except for the Pandaren hunter who’s now 87. I’d like to get her to 90, but I have a sneaky suspicion that my Tauren will reach 90 first. So I’m still pottering along, doing some pet battles now and again and trying to find that one char that will fit me like a glove again.


I’ve also fallen for the trap of ’20 days of Wow’.
Time to tackle the first one: Favourite class and why?

I’d constantly screamed Druid on this one. When I started to play this game 6 years ago, I was looking for a shape shifter and I just loved the explanation for druids. Now back then I had the choice between a nightelf or a Tauren. Six years ago I didn’t like the cows that much (how things have changed!) and I made my first nightelf (female) druid. I guess I do fit a stereotype.

I just wanted to shapeshift all the time. I wasn’t that excited about the bearform, but I adored the kitty one. Every time I switched servers I would make a new nightelf druid. I did get frustrated with the class after many years. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. Healing, caster, feral dps and I’ve even tried tanking, though that ended early with all the aggressive pugs nowadays.

I do still love druid, but I felt it was time to try out something new. In the last years I’ve tried all of them and I soon settled for a mage. I liked the high dps and all the little tricks. It amused me for at least a year. Again, I got bored.

However, I’ve recently rolled an orc Shaman and I’m loving it. She’s quite fierce (in my eyes) and I thought enhancement would be interesting. It’s so different playing that. I guess my love for shamans has also grown after reading Rise of the Horde and the story about Thrall. I’m a huge sucker for lore. So for now I am going to say that shaman is my new favourite class, but druids will always have an important place in my heart.

My husband has told me that I’d probably love warlocks even more, so when Cata hits us I’ll be making a goblin warlock and see if they can move shamans of the first place!