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Friday the 13th

Posted: February 13, 2015 in horror
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Today is Friday the 13th and the day has started with me having to cancel lunch with a friend, because I woke up in the most excruciating pain I’ve had in a while. Feeling rather sorry for myself I started to spend the day watching some horror films while being heavily drugged up on painkillers. It makes for an amazing film experience.

It got me thinking about good horror games tho. Lately a lot off games have been released that full under the horror genre, but none of them have that cheesy teen slasher feel. That was until I listened to a podcast and I got told about the game Until Dawn.


Dude with creepy clown mask? check!

I immediately looked up a trailer and the 24 minutes gameplay and I wasn’t disappointed. I am a fan of these cheesy films and playing a game where you can experience this sounds great. We’ve all yelled at the scream when the girl (yes, often it’s a girl) decides to walk up the stairs in a dark house where none of the lights seem to work, to investigate that strange noise. Instead of running out of the house straight to a well lit area. However, this game asks you to make split second decisions and it makes me wonder how many times we will make the stupid decision ourselves in a blind panic.

Blonde taking a bath while creepy clown dude is watching her? Check!

Blonde taking a bath while creepy clown dude is watching her? Check!

I for one can’t wait for this game. How about you?