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Time for a new leveling project. I figured that leveling is the thing I love most in this game even if it does drive me bonkers at times.

I have 22 characters in total and only my Nightelf Druid is level 90. In the end I want all of them to be level 90, but for now I’m going to focus on a few of them.

On horde side that will be:

Zanija Troll Warlock 26

Talhua Pandaren Hunter 11

Chunlii Pandaren Rogue 12

On alliance side:

Nooraya Pandaren Hunter 86

Talua Pandaren Monk 27

Lunamay Pandaren Warrior 28

Once these girls are 90 I’m going to level another group of chars. So far I’m really digging my Troll Warlock and I think I’ll be mostly focussing on her. Though my Monk is a close second. So each week I’ll post a little update with how the ladies are doing levelling wise and a shiny screenshot while I’m strutting through Azeroth.

And now I leave you with a picture of my troll before I jump back and level cooking on all my characters >.<