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The Podcast: Intro

Posted: July 19, 2012 in podcast
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Well, here it is. I am still not sure what to think of it. In all honesty I’m not really happy with the end result, though I did learn a lot more of the editing tricks I can do with Audacity. So in that regards I had success!

It needs a lot of work before I’ll even put it up on Itunes. So give me your tips, things you would like to see different or that I should keep, etc. I’m thinking of probably ranting a bit more (it’s what I’m good at). Ow and I talk quietly in the beginning since I was recording at 5.30 am :/ yeah… I know.


Who, what and where….or something

Tapletop Gaming

Started black crusade, made characters: my psyker. Aim of the game.

Hunter campaign. 3 players, what has happened. Being a storyteller.

Gaming; what’s going on in my mmo’s?

The secret world:  finished kingsmouth area’s; still a bit buggy.

Wow: levelling my characters. Focussing on the orc warrior and other news

Review of a film/book/tv-series

Ulrika Bloodsworn:

Warhammer update; my armies and learning the rules.

Random stuff that has happened

Scarf time! Comic con with Robert downey jr.  Zombies run! People smoking in bus stops and gorilla orgies


Interview with a geeky guest (not this week)

Where to reach me:


I need guests for interviews: larpers, collectors, gamers, roleplayers, etc. so if you want to be interviewed (perhaps once I have to format how I want it) give me a prod! 🙂


Blue Haired Geek: Pilot

You’re my only hope!

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

So I’ve had this idea of making a solo podcast now for ages. I wanted something geeky and after hearing Something Suggestive, I knew I wanted to do something similar. Normally I’m quite scared of doing something by myself when it come to podcasting, but on the other hand it will give me a lot of freedom too.

I’ve come up with the following concept:

It will be a geeky themed podcast with the re-occuring topics:

  • Tapletop Gaming (boardgames and pen & paper rpg’s)
  • Gaming; what’s going on in my mmo’s?
  • Review of a film/book/tv-series
  • Warhammer update (about my army and my grasp on learning the game)
  • Random stuff that has happened to me
  • Geeky news that caught my eye
  • Q&A
  • Interview with a female, geeky guest

I’m not aiming to make it very long. The interview will be between 15-30 minutes and the rest of the podcast probably between 30 and 45 minutes.  I was thinking of buying a url for the podcast and an e-mail address, but I want to see if this is doable first and if I’m actually happy with the final product. So I’ll give it around 10 shows before I decide.

What do you guys think? Or do you have any suggestions?


I never claim to be excelling in any class. I think my husband worded it best when I lamented this: ‘You lack the concentration to really focus on one character.’ And he is right, I do switch alts far too often. I guess when I played my druid constantly I was a good healer and when I was a mage for a very long time I could easily hold my own, but as soon as I start switching alts I tend to forget how to play the other characters in favour of my flavour of the week or month. However, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I really suck at playing a Deathknight. I just can’t get my head around the rune system. I tend to just bash my buttons and hope that the damage is ok. It’s a shame really, because I always think that he armour they wear is pretty cool. I also really dig the concept of a Deathknight.

I intend on playing a DK and levelling her all the way to 85. I think I just need to get some rotation from and hopefully learn how to play her properly. She will be my last toon that I’ll get to 85 so I don’t have to worry too much about switching alts and forgetting rotations.

This is my little DK. Cookie points if you get the name reference!

So what class can’t you get your head around?

I guess I have to ‘cheat’ a little bit here. I’ve had my fair share of jerks while running dungeons, or people who jump around when they are trying to disrupt an RP-event on purpose. The worst people I’ve encountered were part of a guild I was in. This was my old raiding guild in which I made a lot of friends. I left after a while when I wanted to play Age of Conan, but came back after a year. People had left and joined. Three new people joined the guild (2 guys and a guild princess) and one of them was also an officer. I didn’t particularly like them. They were obnoxious, loud and very full of themselves. I decided to not interact much with them and just leave it at that.

This changed when they made a racist joke on the recruitment forums of our guild. I asked if they please wouldn’t make jokes like that. I was polite and I don’t think my request was unreasonable. They however thought they had every right to be racists. I got loads of things being thrown my way. I guess the gem was: ‘why are you even upset, you’re not black enough to feel upset about it.’ And apparently the girl (who was Greek) was blacker then me and she was ok with racist jokes. Now I’ve seen pictures of this girl and trust me she is not black or brown at all. I guess for me it just stung, since I’m half-Caucasian and half Asian. I’ve always felt like I wasn’t white enough to call myself white, but now I was also being called out on not being ‘brown’ enough. I felt like I was nothing and I had no rights at all. I know it’s bullshit and I shouldn’t care about racist jerks, but it’s not easy when stuff like this happens.

Luckily I’m no longer part of those people any more, but I can’t help but hope that one day they’ll experience what it feels like to get comments like that thrown their way.

Day 01 — Your first character

Posted: July 9, 2012 in druid

My very first character was a nightelf druid. I knew I wanted a druid, because I always enjoyed classes that could shapeshift. Seven years ago I wasn’t really open to the idea of playing a Tauren, so I went for the Nightelf. (Of course since then I have loads of Tauren ladies and I absolutely adore them). I created a ‘pretty’ druid with long, blue hair and streaked markings on her face. I played her until level 55. Then I felt it was time to switch from a PvE server to a RP-PvP one. I couldn’t bring her over, so I decided to make a new druid.

I gave her the same name: Oronil, but changed her looks. I choose a different face (one I prefer now and always use whenever I create another female Nightelf), different colour hair and other markings. I was really happy with this new version of my beloved Oronil.

I might have strayed from her for greener fields at times (I’m looking at you thousands of alts that I play), but somehow I always identify myself with Oronil. I have long background stories for her and I have so many fond memories of playing her, that she is more then just my first or main character. She was the character I first raided on, I first roleplayed on, the character through which I met my husband.

What was your first character and do you still play him/her?

New and Old

It’s been ages since I’ve followed one of these, so here goes:

  • Day 01 — Your first character?
  • Day 02 — The biggest jerk you’ve dealt with (in game)?
  • Day 03 — A class you’re awful at playing?
  • Day 04 — Your favorite zone (Classic, BC, WotLK & Cata)?
  • Day 05 — Your favorite classic instance?
  • Day 06 — Your favorite quest line?
  • Day 07 — Your favorite piece of lore?
  • Day 08 — PvE/PvP/RP?
  • Day 09 — Horde or Alliance (and why)?
  • Day 10 — Your favorite mount.
  • Day 11 — Your favorite gear set.
  • Day 12 — Your achievements (choose one character and link it).
  • Day 13 — Your favorite Burning Crusade instance?
  • Day 14 — When did you start playing?
  • Day 15 — Your favorite Wrath instance?
  • Day 16 — What do you listen to while playing?
  • Day 17 — Your favorite WoW related YouTube video?
  • Day 18 — Best and Worst thing about WoW?
  • Day 19 — Favorite class and why?
  • Day 20 — How did you come up with your main’s name?
  • Day 21 — Your favorite battleground?
  • Day 22 — Your non-combat pets (choose one character and link it).
  • Day 23 — The longest you’ve gone without playing?
  • Day 24 — Your favorite screenshot.
  • Day 25 — Who do you play with?
  • Day 26 — List your characters and their levels.
  • Day 27 — Your titles (choose one character).
  • Day 28 — Your favorite and least-favorite boss?
  • Day 29 — Something you worked really hard to get.
  • Day 30 — Your main (Armory link & screenshot)?

I’ve been hanging around in the new mmo from Funcom: The Secret World. In the last month I already dabbled into the beta and decided I didn’t want to play any more then the first beta weekend. Not because it was bad, but because i didn’t want to get spoiled by it. That’s how much I loved it. So after playing for several days I’ll put down a short review on here.


The game looks good. There’s a lot of detail in the surrounding and once you find the first questing area (Innsmouth) you’ll be blown away with how much it looks like the real world. The monsters look amazing and very detailed. Every main quest has a little intro cinematic. Now I could be a nitpicker and say that it doesn’t always look great, but I love how ‘real’ the NPC’s are. They swear, they say things how it is and they look as if the shit just hit the fan.

Character creation:

I liked the engine to create my characters. You pick a faction; get an intro video and then you start making your character. There are a lot of options and I was happy to say that my characters looked semi-pretty.  I guess what I also really liked, was the fact that the clothes that you pick in the beginning, aren’t the only clothes options you have. During my time in the game I got more outfits to put on. This is not like your normal mmo though. The clothes are pure aesthetics and to me it feels like playing dress-up. I love it.

User interface:

I’m still having some issues with the ability wheel. You can only have 7 skills on your action bar and 7 passive ones. In a way I like that because you only have to focus on that, however other games work with talent trees and train their skills, in TSW it works a bit different.

You get an ability wheel where you spend AP (which you earn by questing, killing, exploring, etc.). I specced my character into ‘swords’ because I love hacking at things. Now Funcom advices to take a second ability with it. I was really confused what would compliment it. Luckily, there are ‘decks’. It’s basically a pre-made build that you can follow. If you click it it will show you where to put your points and which abilities to have on your bars. Now the interesting thing for these decks is that you actually get the outfit associated with that build. I went for the ninja-deck! Luckily everything has a video tutorial to help you on your way.

Story and Lore:

I love the main story that’s running through the entire game. This is a game that has me thinking again. There are tiny little icons that represent lore-icons. Once you collect them, you get a tiny fragment of a story of what happened in the area that you are running around in. It’s really dragging me into the area and I’m running around trying to find them all.

The quests themselves are quite interesting too. You get a few of them that are the typical ‘kill 10 foozles and bring me their ears’, yet it doesn’t feel that way. All the quests have a certain kind of dread feeling about them or you start to think what has happened in the area to spawn certain ‘happenings’ or monsters.  I think that this is one of the strongest points in the game!

Game play:

The questing system is good. I like it that I can’t pick up loads of quests at once and I am actually forced to focus on the story behind one type of quest. I say type of quests because you pick up the storyline quest, one main or sabotage quest, one dungeon quest and three short pick up/deliver quests. I never thought I would like that kind of questing, but I guess because of their stories it is making it easier to deal with.

I am not a big fan of the combat. It feels clunky compared to other games I’ve played and I do hope it will improve in the future. I haven’t dabbled in pvp so it might be really annoying in that part of the game. During questing I got frustrated now and again, but not enough to make me want to stop playing.

Character Development:

Even though I see other people running around me, I do get the feeling that the story is about me. I’m getting pulled in and I get rewarded for sending the reports (finished quests) to the head of my faction. I get new outfits and stars next to my name that represent how higher up in the ranks of my faction I am. The same goes for titles.

Overall I love The Secret World. I doubt if it has a lot of reply value, but for now I am enjoying the story immensely. I did try to run around on two alts, but because I already figured out the puzzles and the quests it’s not pulling me in as much. I am surprised to see that the factions


are treating the quests (when it comes to giving you info about it) a tad different from each other. The Dragon (my main faction) is always very cryptic, where the Templars seem to be more practical and telling me in a far more clearer way what actually happened in their field report.

Would I suggest the game to my friends? It depends. If you love creepy games, adore H.P. Lovecraft, great storylines and don’t get frustrated with combat, try this. If you are the opposite, play Tera Online.