Who is this Blue Haired girl?

Hi there! I’m Sil and I’m in my early 30’s. I’ve dabled in a few mmo’s, but I always return back to WoW. At the moment I’m playing several free to play or pay to play mmo’s and I’m always lurking on steam to get some good deals.  I own a wii, a 3DS XL,  a ps2, ps3 and a ps4. I love the Bioware games and 2015 seems to be a promising year for games.

I’ve gamed since I was 9 and I played on an Atari (go go Frogger!), moved to all the nintendo consoles and handhelds and then jumped over to x-box and playstation, but deep in my hart I will always be a pc-gamer.

I like to dye my fringe blue, hence the ‘blue hair’ and I love being creative (writing, drawing, painting) and reading books.

Enjoy reading my blog and please feel free to leave some comments!

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