Day 5 – The meaning behind your mains name?

Posted: January 13, 2011 in 30 days

For years my main was a nightelf druid called Oronil. It’s what most people still know me by. Every time I serverhop I make a new character named Oronil. The name is as much part of me as my real life name.

I got this name 6 years ago. My then boyfriend was into Dungeons and Dragons and had a half-dragon character named Oronil. I loved the name and when WoW was released I knew that I should have that name for my first character. To be fair, I did spell it wrong. It was supposed to be Orronil, but I left one r out.

It’s weird that just seeing the name brings a smile to my face. It brings back very fond memories of my first years in WoW, when I started to forge friendships with people I still talk to today. It reminds me of the time when I started to interact with my now-husband under that name.

I don’t have very fond memories of that boyfriend, but the name is mine now and I’m claiming it as my own.  However, I am not using the name any longer. I have returned to my old server to see things on the alliance side (even if I still have lots of fun on my horde server.) I don’t raid so I don’t see why I should stick to one faction/server. I did notice that I’m very hesitant of using Oronil for any of my new alliance characters on my old server. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I don’t always want people to know who I am. There are some individuals on my old server who I really dislike and I don’t want to interact with them whatsoever. Using my old name would only draw attention and I just want to level in peace. But it is tempting to use my old name again.

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