Resolutions for 2011

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was very close to deleting this blog entirely. I had a long and hard think about what I wanted to achieve with this blog and I realised I wasn’t writing for myself, which is silly. This blog should mostly be just for me, myself and I. Then I also started to realise I wasn’t happy with the podcast. It’s taking too much time out of my life when I should be doing things that could help my future; like drawing and working with Photoshop a hell of a lot more.

Will I continue the podcast? Perhaps… I am not sure what to do at the moment. If my co-hosts decide to contact me because they really want to make another show I will, but for now I’m putting my effort into my other projects: writing and drawing. I guess getting rid of this blog would be silly. I need to practice writing in English again and at least this way I also have a place to archive all my stories and see if I progress at all with my ways of writing. Now comes the second part, will I keep this name for my journal? I am not sure if it suits me any more, but actually finding a new name for the blog has proven even more difficult. Human Moose stands for the druid I used to be for years and I believe that deep down I still am one, even if now I’m mostly playing two goblin caster girls. I will see how things are moving along during this year and perhaps I will start to feel comfortable again with this name or I might find an amazing new name just lying somewhere on my cluttered desk.

So the new years resolutions…. I’ve made a lot for myself this year and they weren’t really based on wow. However, in the light of refreshing my blog I can make some for WoW too. So here goes:

  • Level all my horde chars on The Venture Co and participate in a lot of rp on that server.
  • Once my chars on TVC are 85, level up all my other chars, spread on different realms just to get the feel for all the new race/class combinations, the new zones (also on alliance side) and see if there’s any good rp around.
  • Keep this blog up to date. That means no more posting once in a blue moon, but actually actively writing about things that jump into my head and participating in the Blog Azeroth shared topics.
  • Write short stories around my characters and post them.
  • Draw my characters or anything wow-related and post them.
  • Stop fretting so much about what people think about me in game, on the internet or whatever and just have fun in what I’m doing.

I guess that would sum it all up nicely. If any of you who read this (if people read it at all that is ;P) have any advice on the podcast-issue or the blog problems, I would love to hear your input and ideas or perhaps you can guide me to a post where people talk about it and have dealt with their problems.

In a happier note: I wish everyone an amazing 2011 and I hope that all your dreams and goals will be achieved! Happy gaming!


  1. That Girl says:

    You’ve got some great resolutions and they’re going to take up plenty of your time lol

    I would say, if you enjoy blogging, keep at it. But, don’t force yourself to write because content will suffer if you’re writing only for the sake of writing.

    I’ve never played on a RP server, but I commend those that are able to stay in character while playing.

    • antlergirl says:

      They will certainly keep me busy for some time (at least I hope ^^) lol. I do agree that content will suffer if I force myself to write. Luckily I have some topics in my head already that I want to write about. Rp-servers are fun and whenever I don’t feel like rp-ing I just bugger off to do some questing 🙂

  2. Achloryn says:

    I should really participate in BA’s shared topics a lot more… I like the idea of a new year’s resolutions post… that might be an idea for something to put on my blog as well… /ponder

    Either way, you have some good resolutions! Here’s hoping you stick to them! 😀

    • antlergirl says:

      I know, it’s going to be a challenge but it’s good to write somethings down. At least that seems to work for me most of the times ^^

  3. Pilfkin says:

    Wow! Awesome list there! I’m dead impressed. Have fun with it all!

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