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I’ve also fallen for the trap of ’20 days of Wow’.
Time to tackle the first one: Favourite class and why?

I’d constantly screamed Druid on this one. When I started to play this game 6 years ago, I was looking for a shape shifter and I just loved the explanation for druids. Now back then I had the choice between a nightelf or a Tauren. Six years ago I didn’t like the cows that much (how things have changed!) and I made my first nightelf (female) druid. I guess I do fit a stereotype.

I just wanted to shapeshift all the time. I wasn’t that excited about the bearform, but I adored the kitty one. Every time I switched servers I would make a new nightelf druid. I did get frustrated with the class after many years. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. Healing, caster, feral dps and I’ve even tried tanking, though that ended early with all the aggressive pugs nowadays.

I do still love druid, but I felt it was time to try out something new. In the last years I’ve tried all of them and I soon settled for a mage. I liked the high dps and all the little tricks. It amused me for at least a year. Again, I got bored.

However, I’ve recently rolled an orc Shaman and I’m loving it. She’s quite fierce (in my eyes) and I thought enhancement would be interesting. It’s so different playing that. I guess my love for shamans has also grown after reading Rise of the Horde and the story about Thrall. I’m a huge sucker for lore. So for now I am going to say that shaman is my new favourite class, but druids will always have an important place in my heart.

My husband has told me that I’d probably love warlocks even more, so when Cata hits us I’ll be making a goblin warlock and see if they can move shamans of the first place!

The big change

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The Shattering is upon us and it has changed the world (of Warcraft) literally. When I logged on this morning (yay for European realms being up quicker than expected) I was amazed by Ogrimmar. I had already seen it in the beta, but I didn’t want to spoil it for myself and I hardly played it. I started to explore and I love the vibe of this city. It’s so much more war-like.

It also feels as if I’m playing a brand new game. All my quests in Azeroth were wiped from my log. Time to start questing in altered places with new quests, but here is also the ‘big’ problem. I have no clue what to level.
I switched from alliance to horde a few months ago. I still love my alliance chars, but I guess being the same races over and over again for 5 years gets really boring. I picked up my old undead mage, dusted her bones off and started playing. I had a (fire)blast. I also found a pretty cool guild with lovely people in it. I feel like I’m part of something again.

Sure, I still feel the urge to jump back to my previous ally-servers and see if I haven’t made a mistake, but I should not do it. I should really focus on this new guild and really experience life on the horde side. But change is scary.
I have that even more now that I have the option to level a brand new char in a relative brand new world. Here comes the age old question: what class (or race) do I pick? I would love to get my mage to 80 but at 70 she’s stuck in Northrend and I really don’t want to hit that area with all the new/old world changes. Even if levelling there isn’t going to take ages like it used to. I think that for the next two weeks I will be playing my enhancement shaman and/or my feral druid. I blame reading ‘Rise of the Horde’ for my renewed love of Tauren and Orcs.

Shared Topic: Autoblogography

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This week on Blog Azeroth’s shared topic we’re asked to write our blogging “autobiography.”

I am incredibly sporadic when it comes to blogging. I have periods that I really want to write and post a lot and actually do said thing, but lately it’s more…’I want to… but I really can’t be bothered.’ However, I made some changes to my game (I went horde) and I guess that gave me some now material to write about.

But back to the start.

I actually have been blogging for a long time now. Not all about wow and on wordpress though. I started my blogging life on  livejournal. I posted my daily musings and rants on there and last year I mostly posted a drawing of my week. It entertained me, but I’m horrible at reading everyone elses journals and commenting. I also started to join a lot of communities including wow_ladies. It opened a new world to me.


Here was a community filled with girls/women (and hidden guys) who all played what I loved. Reading their questions and their musings was incredibly entertaining and it made me feel a part of something. Slowly I started to discover other things; blogs and podcasts. It’s incredible how my passions for the game started to get stronger and stronger the more I read on blogs and I realised this could be the start of an addiction.


I started to subscribe to blogs and it’s still a daily routine for me to go through them in my reader. Some people read the paper, I read my googlereader. All these wonderful blogs made my hands itch. I wanted to do something like this. So slowly I set the first steps onto the blogging world. Finding a name for my blog was not easy. I tend to make things to complicated for myself, but I finally settled for a name: Human moose. I started to post and I find it exciting to share my love for WoW with other people who blog. It had made me think more about the game. I started to think about topics when I read something in /trade that upset some people or that entertained everyone. I also took moor screenshots, pondering if I could use them in my blog. Of course there are the times that I just can’t find a good topic, but I think going through the Blog Azeroth site could be a good solution for that.

I have to admit I’ve been really lazy these last months when it came to my blog. I guess I wasn’t happy with my situation in game and I didn’t really feel the need to blog about it. In retrospective perhaps I should have done just that. It would make things more clear for me what I actually wanted from the game and it might have given me an answer to my ‘problems’. I think I will post about that in a few days. So no more slacking from me!

The good news: it’s almost winter and the days are getting shorter and colder. More time to sit inside behind my pc and the perfect time also to start blogging again!