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The Podcast: Intro

Posted: July 19, 2012 in podcast
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Well, here it is. I am still not sure what to think of it. In all honesty I’m not really happy with the end result, though I did learn a lot more of the editing tricks I can do with Audacity. So in that regards I had success!

It needs a lot of work before I’ll even put it up on Itunes. So give me your tips, things you would like to see different or that I should keep, etc. I’m thinking of probably ranting a bit more (it’s what I’m good at). Ow and I talk quietly in the beginning since I was recording at 5.30 am :/ yeah… I know.


Who, what and where….or something

Tapletop Gaming

Started black crusade, made characters: my psyker. Aim of the game.

Hunter campaign. 3 players, what has happened. Being a storyteller.

Gaming; what’s going on in my mmo’s?

The secret world:  finished kingsmouth area’s; still a bit buggy.

Wow: levelling my characters. Focussing on the orc warrior and other news

Review of a film/book/tv-series

Ulrika Bloodsworn:

Warhammer update; my armies and learning the rules.

Random stuff that has happened

Scarf time! Comic con with Robert downey jr.  Zombies run! People smoking in bus stops and gorilla orgies


Interview with a geeky guest (not this week)

Where to reach me:


I need guests for interviews: larpers, collectors, gamers, roleplayers, etc. so if you want to be interviewed (perhaps once I have to format how I want it) give me a prod! 🙂


Blue Haired Geek: Pilot

Girls gone Wow show 2

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Girls gone WoW; Episode 2

Intro: no Fascha this week.
What did we do in WoW; good and bad encounters
News: Cata is out!
What did we do on release night?
Impressions of the game so far
Listener questions/e-mail
Bad advice
How to contact us. Email: and @GGWshow for twitter

The audio quality is lacking a bit, since our mics started to fight with each other.

New Podcast!

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’ve finally done it. With the help of two lovely friends I finally made the first episode of my podcast called: Girls gone WoW.
There’s a link to the side and any feedback would be apreciated! We also have a website for our podcast:

We’re still a work in progress and there are some things we need to improve, but for a first show it’s not bad at all 🙂