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I didn’t even remember I still had this blog! Shame on me. I had dabbled with a newer blog a few months ago. Trying out new names and titles that would suit me better, but I just came to realize that this blog has so many posts and I quite like the fact that I once had blue hair and deep down I still am that girl from a few years ago that dyed my hair all colours of the rainbow.

So what’s going to happen to this blog? Well for starters I’m going to seriously start updating again. There will be small change. Rather than only having posts about games or gaming, I feel it should also have parts of a life style blog in it. So what does that mean? You will see more posts with pictures of my life and everything in it. When I have the time again, I will also post some links to my YouTube videos which are mostly ‘Let’s Play’ based.

I think that is really it for this tiny update post. I have started to give CPR to this blog, and hopefully in a few weeks it will be alive and kicking again 😀