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Let’s play some Rift

Posted: March 20, 2015 in games, let's play, rift
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I know the sound is a bit off, going to adjust that in the next video 🙂

Back into ESO

Posted: March 17, 2015 in CE, eso, games, mmo
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Today is the day that The Elder Scrolls Online is going free to play, or like the Guildwars system of buying the game but there are no subscription fees. I am extremely happy about this. When I first played this game in the beta, I was not impressed. The starting area was boring and the story just didn’t do it for me at all. I wasn’t expecting to get this game, but when I was off work due to my depression and I got extremely bored, I took the step and bought the game. Not only that, I actually purchased the Collectors Edition. I know right, that’s taking a huge risk for a game that I was not interested in at all when I had played it.

The one thing that the CE had going for it was the wonderful art book. Elder Scrolls always has gorgeous art books with their CE’s and the statue that came with it was extremely cool. All in all it was a good purchase. Then it came to the game and let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised. The first area was the same, but then I moved to an Island where my dark elf happily roamed around (it’s the Kajit and woodelf starting area, due to having a CE I can start anywhere and i’m not race tied to starting area’s) and explored for some treasure and quests and I loved it!

Now there is some bad stuff too, I wasn’t impressed with some of my skills as a rogue. She felt quite under powered when I got repeatedly killed by boss mobs my level. I am hoping that that will change with this new patch. I already got the warning that my talents have been changed and all my skill points returned to me.

So keep your fingers crossed that rogues will be awesome again!


The golden skin

Posted: March 8, 2015 in cosmetics, Evolve, games, skins
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I spotted a message on my Evolve fb fan page that if you played this weekend, you’d be getting some unique skins for your monsters in the game. As I am such an incredible slave to fancy things in game that don’t do anything for gameplay and it’s all just about visuals, I felt the need to of course play this weekend.

This proved harder than anticipated. For one, Turtlerock is very vague about you actually have to do:  Ok so I need to log in at:

Just jump online and get into an Evolve match between 9:00 PM PT on Thursday, March 5th and 9:00 PM PT on Sunday, March 8th and metallic glory is yours.

Which some converting I assumed that if I played Friday around 11 until 13.00 I would be ok with staying in that time frame. However, all it said was ‘just play’. But does that mean you just have to play the game as anything or do you have to be the monster all the time to be eligible?

I tried to play more this weekend but my Saturday and Sunday were jampacked and I simply had no time or will to play. I have no idea if my two games as the Wraith and the Kraken will be enough to grant me that golden skin to be unlocked.

I hate it when companies are so very vague about the details, but I should be getting the skins before Saturday the 14th of March. We shall see if I got it or not.