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Girls gone Wow show 2

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Girls gone WoW; Episode 2

Intro: no Fascha this week.
What did we do in WoW; good and bad encounters
News: Cata is out!
What did we do on release night?
Impressions of the game so far
Listener questions/e-mail
Bad advice
How to contact us. Email: and @GGWshow for twitter

The audio quality is lacking a bit, since our mics started to fight with each other.

Initial Thoughts on Cataclysm

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Cataclysm

A bit late, but I did manage to squeeze out this post for Blog Azeroth:

1. Disk or Download?
Disk. I’m a collector of the CE’s and this one wasn’t going to be any different. I love this little tradition I made.

2. Did you experience any difficulties? IE: Login servers crashing, late delivery, etc?
The patching was a huge issue. Mostly because my router is really bad. It keeps disconnecting me and the only way I can solve it is by restarting my computer…until I was told there was a better methord *facepalm*

3. What are you doing first? IE: Speed leveling to 85, rolling a new race, completely avoiding the new content, etc?
I’ve rolled a new goblin warlock and I’m playing her from level 1. Taking my time and enjoying all the new things. I also rolled all the new toons I wanted to and when I’m done with my warlock I’ll level them.

4. Mt. Hyjal or Vash’jir?
I’m not sure yet. I’ve heard different opinions and I’m leaning towards Vash’jir. I guess I love to see more about the world of the naga’s.

5. Worgen or Goblin?
Goblin, but I do love the worgen and their Gilneas too. I just  have a weak for goblins.

6. Questing, dungeons or both?
Mostly questing and now and again doing dungeons. I love what they did with the old instances. Except for gnomeregan. I don’t know what it is, but that one still drives me bonkers.

7. What was the first piece of gear you replaced and with what?
None really, considering I’m starting from level 1. I do love the time Blizzard put into naming some simple pieces of gear that goblins get in their starting area.

8. Did you take any time off from work or school?
I work for the mail and considering Christmas is their most hectic time I wasn’t allowed any time off. Because of that I hardly have levelled/played. It’s alright, I knew this was going to happen. Now I just stare at my computer at work and hope it will be replaced by wow on my screen soon.

9. Will you be keeping the same spec and main, or changing to a different toon?
I do love my warlock, but I’ve also started liking my lowbie orc shaman. I don’t think I’ll be switching to my alliance druid any time soon. I’ve just played her too much and I want to stay horde from now on.

10. What’s been your favorite aspect of Cataclysm so far?
That my old world is completely rebuild. It’s familiar yet also unfamiliar. The best thing however is goblins. I’m really loving her emotes and her looks.


New Podcast!

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I’ve finally done it. With the help of two lovely friends I finally made the first episode of my podcast called: Girls gone WoW.
There’s a link to the side and any feedback would be apreciated! We also have a website for our podcast:

We’re still a work in progress and there are some things we need to improve, but for a first show it’s not bad at all 🙂

Day 2 – Favourite race and why?

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When I first started playing, I knew what I wanted to be: a Nightelf. I liked their looks and I was a sucker for pretty races.
After 6 years I still like the looks of Nightelves (but please give the old models more pixels, Blizz!), but I am not impressed with their background stories. I’ve read the almost all of the WoW books and I started to dislike the Nightelf-vision a bit. They have a dislike for the other races, started a lot of crap because they couldn’t control their magic addiction and they still seem very much xenophobic after all these years of working within the Alliance. I still like their looks though *grins*. It must be the face tattoos on the female models.

After 6 years I am starting to feel a lot more love for the horde models: I always got the feeling that orc-ladies looked wrong. Too masculine I guess. After reading Rise of the horde however, I started to appreciate these strong females a lot more.
The same goes for Tauren ladies; I love how the race is as a whole. So in tune with nature and they seem like gentle giants. After they updated the feral models for all druids, I just fell in love with their bear- and cat-forms.

But from tomorrow on I know that my favourite race will be goblins. I tried them in the beta and I’ve never had so much fun. I love their animations, their silly and fabulous hairstyles and what they stand for. Short yet deadly, but not having the absolute cute-factor that I sometimes get when seeing gnomes. I think this will be my ideal race to play. I can’t wait for tonight!

Everyone have fun playing Cataclysm!