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So last night I’ve been still struggling to pick what characters to play in Legion. I think I will settle on my 4 alliance toons: Draenai hunter, gnome mage, pandaran priest and of course my human warlock. Seeing that classes matter more in the next expansion, it has actually given me an insentive to level every class. I say every class, but I won’t have a dk, rogue or monk. I just can’t get the hang of these classes.

Ofcourse WoW isn’t my only mmo, I mean this is me, the girl who is always undesisive about games etc. So what mmo’s have I been playing?

Guildwars 2: I have to admit that I really enjoy playing my necromancer, but I really am playing this game as if it was a single player. I’m not interested in the dungeons or pvp. I’ve just been focussing on her personal storyline and it’s really good. I don’t know if I’d want to get the expansion Heart of Thorns for this one as soon as it’s released though.

Elder Scrolls online: I adore this game! I am playing it on ps4 now and the quests are a lot of fun. As always it took me a while to settle on a character, but I now have a nightblade Khajiit and I really enjoy playing her.

I do feel that this game is just better on the ps4, it doesn’t feel so clunky when you play it with a controller. Also the Aldmeri Dominion (one of the factions you choose to join at the start of the game) has the most amazing NPC in the entire game: Razum-Dar

This Khajiit always makes me giggle when I have to help him with missions and it’s one of the reasons why I ditched my bosmer sorcerer for a Khajiit. Also Cats Rule!

If you’re thinking of picking up ESO I would say ‘yes, do it!’, but I do feel that it plays better on the ps4 personally. The storyline is great and the world is amazing. I love discovering tiny things that lead you to another quest or more lore.

So this is how I’ve been dividing my time on mmo’s lately.


I’m still running around in WoW and really enjoying the low level area’s. It feels uncomplicated and there’s no pressure to perform at my best. I can glance away at times and spam some buttons while watching a film on my other screen.

I should be playing Guildwars 2, but I still haven’t settled on a class or when I think I have I come to a point where I can’t do any more heartquests (all of them are done) and I just have to grind out the last levels for my story quest to get to the appropriate level. It’s something I really hate doing. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I haven’t settled in GW2 yet. If I would have to go for a class though, I guess it’s a tie between elementalist and a guardian. I will sit down to play through it properly one of these days….I hope.

A game that really surprised me yet again was Star Wars the Old Republic. I’ve made a post before about why I wasn’t going to play any longer, but now that it became free to play the pull to get back to the game was back. I decided to see if the f2p option was not going to annoy me too much and I could always un-install the game if it did. 

I hate the fact that I can’t have more then 2 character slots. For someone like me who is an altoholic that’s just horrible. I deleted all my alts but kept my agent, who was now moved to a pure pvp-server but I’ll rant about that another time. I decided to create a new character on the English rp-server. I wasn’t quite sure what to play, but decided to go Republic side this time. I was tempted by the smuggler, but it’s basically the same class as my agent. I needed something else. For now I didn’t want to play a Jedi, since I wanted another steamy romance to happen *smirks*. Hence my kick ass trooper was born. I wasn’t quite sure about her until I heard the same voice as my Shepard from Mass Effect! That got me so excited! I was running around doing quests and before I knew it 3 hours had passed without me even realising it. So far very good first impressions again. We will have to see if the story holds up in the end, but for now I’m enjoying myself. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that EA/Bioware will enable purchasing more character slots in an (early) upcomming patch, because if I get too attached to this char there is no way in hell that I’m deleting her!