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I’ve been feeling a bit sick for a few days now and I couldn’t do my normal Monday to Friday posts. I’ll just do a recap for this week in this post.


I’ve still been pottering along on my Destro warlock and she is a lot of fun, however now that I’ve hit Desolace I’ve hit a brick wall. I love Desolace questing a lot more now than pre-cata, it’s just not pulling me in as much as I hope. On the good side though I have been running around on my Tauren Shaman in Pandaria and I am really enjoying her elemental spec. I am trying  to be brave enough to jump into a dungeon and heal, but I have no idea how to resto on a shaman. Perhaps doing some bg’s on her as a healer would help.

On Raiding

I haven’t raided in ages now. I’ve said on the podcast (ggw) before that I’m not meshing that well with my resto/balance druid at the moment. I love my druid, but it just doesn’t feel like it’s in a good spot. Also due to some personal issues going on within my raiding guild, I have a feeling that that guild will implode soon. I know I can go back to Itp because they are wonderful people, but a part of me is curious if it would help me love my toon again if I would join an rp guild. Just to get some rp in with her again. Who knows, at the moment I’m not playing her at all. I haven’t even seen the new stuff in 5.1 in the Krasarang Wilds.

Other games

With the massive steam sale going on I’ve bought several games: Dead space 1 and 2, Dragon Age 1 (complete collection) and the Witcher 1 and 2. I am really a scardypants when it comes to Dead Space, but the story is so good. I want to know what happened! I am enjoying Dragon Age again and I actually am going to play through the entire story for once. Last time I played it I stopped at 25% in I think.

I’m still running around in Star Wars the Old Republic as my female trooper. It’s nice seeing the story from the Republic  side for once, but I guess I’ll be an Imperial deep down.  I’ve also rebooted Vampire the Masquerade: bloodlines and I love the story and rp-side of that game, though I find it hard not to be a graphic snob and get over some of the graphic issues in the cut scenes.

Other stuff in my life

I’m still trying to lose weight and so far it’s going quite well. I’ve lost 12lbs now and that’s a quarter of my first goal; losing 50lbs. I need to do this for some of the plans I have in 2013. I am going to reward myself at every stone lost with a little geeky something. Not quite sure what yet, but I do know that when I reach my end goal I’m going to treat myself to some nice warcraft hoodies from Jinx!


The Quitter

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Bioware, Goals, Star Wars The Old Republic


While I’m frantically refreshing my mailbox and hoping to finally see my invite to MoP pop up, I figured I might as well explain why I stopped playing Star Wars The Old Republic.

When I first started playing my Imperial Agent, I adored her. She was blue (you’ve got to love Chiss), sassy and I loved her sniper abilities. I didn’t get annoyed with her voice, which is a big plus. I played other chars in SWtor and really hated how they sounded, but my agent was perfect. Her story grabbed me and it wouldn’t let me go. I might hate certain planets and quests, but her story was so amazing that I didn’t care about that. The fact that I could choose certain dialogue options made the immersion so much better.

*SPOILERS AHEAD* I went through so many emotions on that character. I started to suspect everyone around me of trying to get me killed. It even made me ponder about certain chat options for minutes. If I would choose this answer… what consequences would that have? Stuff like that. There was a time when she flirted heavily, well she always did that, with a Chiss leader on Hoth and I was stunned when he grabbed her and kissed her. My agent felt like the female version of a womaniser and somehow that was so much fun to play. She had a sassy personality, but was always looking out for the best options for her Empire. Then she met Vector and as said before she like his awkwardness. It made playing my agent even more interesting, I was curious about what would happen with the relationship between my agent and Vector. I was delighted when they got married in the end. I also remember a point in the story when she gets ‘brainwashed’ and you can’t talk about what happens to you. You see the dialogue option ‘tell that you’re being brainwashed’, you click it, but instead you say that everything is just hunky-dory. It made me chuckle, but I was also outraged when I got betrayed and hurt by someone and I literally yelled in the house; ‘all bets are off, you’re dead next time I see you buddy!’

Then I reached level 50…my class story came to an end and so ended my enjoyment. I just felt disconnected with my character. Her story had ended, she felt like an empty husk  with no more story just for her. I tried playing other characters, but it just didn’t click like with my agent. I did like the bounty hunter, but her voice wasn’t how I wanted her to sound, how I wanted to sound. I just couldn’t immerse myself into the other characters.

Now came the second problem; even if I would have continued playing my bounty hunter or trooper (the two classes that seemed interesting when it came to story and playstyle) I still had to deal with the quests. I couldn’t do my quests on the same planets again. It just felt like a horrible grind to me. Sure, I could have pvp’ed my way up to 50 and just do my class quests, but it felt like so much work. In the end it annoyed me more to play and it felt like I was having a second job. Now comparing it to WoW, which I’ve played for over 7 years and still enjoy questing (just don’t mention outland or northrend to me) this is a pretty stark contrast.

In a way I really hate it that I’m not playing the game any more and that has more to do with my love for my agent, the love I feel for such a great company (I adore Bioware’s games and how they drag you into their stories) and the fact that again another game me and my husband would be able to play together. After he left WoW, Swtor was going to be the mmo that would be ours again, but it just didn’t work.

I’m not quite sure if I’ll return to the game. Perhaps if my story would continue, I would happily run around on my agent again. So I am keeping my fingers crossed. … I am also keeping my fingers crossed that Bioware will bring out a DLC ending where my Sheppard is having loads of babies with her Turian husband. Keep your fingers and toes crossed!