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I’ve been feeling a bit sick for a few days now and I couldn’t do my normal Monday to Friday posts. I’ll just do a recap for this week in this post.


I’ve still been pottering along on my Destro warlock and she is a lot of fun, however now that I’ve hit Desolace I’ve hit a brick wall. I love Desolace questing a lot more now than pre-cata, it’s just not pulling me in as much as I hope. On the good side though I have been running around on my Tauren Shaman in Pandaria and I am really enjoying her elemental spec. I am trying  to be brave enough to jump into a dungeon and heal, but I have no idea how to resto on a shaman. Perhaps doing some bg’s on her as a healer would help.

On Raiding

I haven’t raided in ages now. I’ve said on the podcast (ggw) before that I’m not meshing that well with my resto/balance druid at the moment. I love my druid, but it just doesn’t feel like it’s in a good spot. Also due to some personal issues going on within my raiding guild, I have a feeling that that guild will implode soon. I know I can go back to Itp because they are wonderful people, but a part of me is curious if it would help me love my toon again if I would join an rp guild. Just to get some rp in with her again. Who knows, at the moment I’m not playing her at all. I haven’t even seen the new stuff in 5.1 in the Krasarang Wilds.

Other games

With the massive steam sale going on I’ve bought several games: Dead space 1 and 2, Dragon Age 1 (complete collection) and the Witcher 1 and 2. I am really a scardypants when it comes to Dead Space, but the story is so good. I want to know what happened! I am enjoying Dragon Age again and I actually am going to play through the entire story for once. Last time I played it I stopped at 25% in I think.

I’m still running around in Star Wars the Old Republic as my female trooper. It’s nice seeing the story from the Republic  side for once, but I guess I’ll be an Imperial deep down.  I’ve also rebooted Vampire the Masquerade: bloodlines and I love the story and rp-side of that game, though I find it hard not to be a graphic snob and get over some of the graphic issues in the cut scenes.

Other stuff in my life

I’m still trying to lose weight and so far it’s going quite well. I’ve lost 12lbs now and that’s a quarter of my first goal; losing 50lbs. I need to do this for some of the plans I have in 2013. I am going to reward myself at every stone lost with a little geeky something. Not quite sure what yet, but I do know that when I reach my end goal I’m going to treat myself to some nice warcraft hoodies from Jinx!



Thursday - Totally Random Pic day

I seriously can’t live without this and it’s always in my bag when I travel. I’m a notorious planner 😉

I’m still running around in WoW and really enjoying the low level area’s. It feels uncomplicated and there’s no pressure to perform at my best. I can glance away at times and spam some buttons while watching a film on my other screen.

I should be playing Guildwars 2, but I still haven’t settled on a class or when I think I have I come to a point where I can’t do any more heartquests (all of them are done) and I just have to grind out the last levels for my story quest to get to the appropriate level. It’s something I really hate doing. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I haven’t settled in GW2 yet. If I would have to go for a class though, I guess it’s a tie between elementalist and a guardian. I will sit down to play through it properly one of these days….I hope.

A game that really surprised me yet again was Star Wars the Old Republic. I’ve made a post before about why I wasn’t going to play any longer, but now that it became free to play the pull to get back to the game was back. I decided to see if the f2p option was not going to annoy me too much and I could always un-install the game if it did. 

I hate the fact that I can’t have more then 2 character slots. For someone like me who is an altoholic that’s just horrible. I deleted all my alts but kept my agent, who was now moved to a pure pvp-server but I’ll rant about that another time. I decided to create a new character on the English rp-server. I wasn’t quite sure what to play, but decided to go Republic side this time. I was tempted by the smuggler, but it’s basically the same class as my agent. I needed something else. For now I didn’t want to play a Jedi, since I wanted another steamy romance to happen *smirks*. Hence my kick ass trooper was born. I wasn’t quite sure about her until I heard the same voice as my Shepard from Mass Effect! That got me so excited! I was running around doing quests and before I knew it 3 hours had passed without me even realising it. So far very good first impressions again. We will have to see if the story holds up in the end, but for now I’m enjoying myself. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that EA/Bioware will enable purchasing more character slots in an (early) upcomming patch, because if I get too attached to this char there is no way in hell that I’m deleting her!


Every bloody time!

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Every bloody time!

Time for a new leveling project. I figured that leveling is the thing I love most in this game even if it does drive me bonkers at times.

I have 22 characters in total and only my Nightelf Druid is level 90. In the end I want all of them to be level 90, but for now I’m going to focus on a few of them.

On horde side that will be:

Zanija Troll Warlock 26

Talhua Pandaren Hunter 11

Chunlii Pandaren Rogue 12

On alliance side:

Nooraya Pandaren Hunter 86

Talua Pandaren Monk 27

Lunamay Pandaren Warrior 28

Once these girls are 90 I’m going to level another group of chars. So far I’m really digging my Troll Warlock and I think I’ll be mostly focussing on her. Though my Monk is a close second. So each week I’ll post a little update with how the ladies are doing levelling wise and a shiny screenshot while I’m strutting through Azeroth.

And now I leave you with a picture of my troll before I jump back and level cooking on all my characters >.<


I really don’t want to give up on this blog yet, so I came up with a little plan for it. Instead of always posting lengthy blog posts, I thought that I might as well post screenshots on certain days or just pictures of things that I find interesting.

Again, it’s been ages since I’ve posted here and I would love to blame it on being really busy, but I’m really not. I’m very lazy and I envy bloggers who can churn out so many posts on a weekly base. I’m not like that. I’m not even sure if I could even do that, but then again I might find more enjoyment once I start posting more things. Who knows?

Anyhow,  I was thinking of updating my blog during the week with the following things:

Monday – WoW levelling projects

Tuesday – Screenshot day

Wednesday – What game has caught my eye?

Thursday – Random picture of something that interests me

Friday – Random topic

I’m not doing anything on Saturday or Sunday. Mostly because on Sunday I’m prepping for the podcast and again, I’m lazy *smirks*

So tomorrow I’ll talk a bit about my levelling project in wow and for those interested in my other podcast project…. well, I’m just not happy enough with it. So putting it on the cooler for now and I might pick it up in the new year.