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The Hater

Posted: March 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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For some time now I’ve been trying to get my body back into shape. I did go to the gym for a while, but due to my working hours changing, I can’t maintain the level of gym visits. Owning a wii and a wii board should help with getting enough of a workout though.

I happily put in EA Active and follow their programme. Now I’m now quite sure it would give me the same great burn and muscle work out that I would get from the machines in the gym, but I do feel my muscles ache in the following mornings. So far, so good. Except that I haven’t touched my wii in two weeks now.
I hate my trainer! I tried the male and the female version, but both of them are blind bats! As soon as I move my controller, my trainer would moan that I’m not doing it correctly. *facepalm* or I’ve moved and they still think I’m standing still. You have no idea how frustrating this is after 15 minutes of working of my butt and then getting flack from your trainer. It leaves me incredibly frustrated if I have to shake the stupid remote to make my character on screen actually move again. There is this one excercise I always dread: inline skating. I bend my knees and I jump when the ramps come on to screen and I see the big, flashing ‘jump now’ on my screen pop up. Nothing. I look absolutely horrible on the screen. The comments of my trainer aren’t making the situation better. ‘I know you can do better. Put all your effort in.’ I see red flashing in front of my eyes when that happens. I do jump and quite high, but that one always seems to fail.

The fact that I also don’t want to work out with my husband in the house also explains why I haven’t seen my wii trainer anymore. I remember this particular time when I was running on the spot and my trainer commented; ‘ you look elegant doing this work out.’ All of a sudden I hear this snickering coming from the door way. I wanted to throw something at his head at that point, but I can’t blame him. I hardly look like a gazelle running on the spot.
No wii fit, I think we should just stick to the stepping training you provide while I’m able to watch some tv for 30 minutes. The real work outs will happen in the gym again.