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The Collector

Posted: April 6, 2012 in CE, WoW
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I’m a sucker for Collectors Editions (CE) or Special Editions. During my gaming-life I’ve purchased all the CE’s of World of Warcraft and the Starcraft 2 game. If it wasn’t for the blood pack… I mean Annual Pass I’d probably also would have pre-ordered the CE for Diablo 3. The only CE my husband has bought is the Star Wars The Old Republic one. Wait… I’m wrong, somewhere there are two CE’s for Age of Conan that we bought.

I don’t know why I’m such a sucker for these expensive versions of the game. I have to admit that I never regretted buying them, except for the Conan-one perhaps. Then again, I still play WoW constantly.

I think the big thing that drags my wallet out of my bag and buys these CE’s is the art books they provide. I love art books! When you have a look at my bookcase, you will see so many books about drawing and painting that I could build a small cat-house out of them. I use them to get inspiration for my own drawings and paintings, but I also just love to see how the creative team of a gaming company just comes up with all these fantastic beings I encounter in the game.  In game pets are nice too, I always love it when I can pull out my mini-Diablo pet from the first WoW CE and have people asking me where I got it. It’s truly just for showing off though. The music will immediately be put on my iPod, but I have to admit that I don’t listen to it as much as I’d like to at times.  Podcasts and audio books will take up my ear-time.

Now I was in a bit of a dilemma; I’ve received two e-mails this week. One from Funcom (ow how you burned me with Conan) and one from Arena-net. Both prompting me to pre-order the CE’s for Guildwars 2 and The Secret World. I was already afraid that this year would become expensive with all the new mmo’s coming out, but after trying Tera for a few weeks, I can say that I won’t be buying that game (£5 well spend to test it and not have to buy to game to find that out). Just a quick side note: the CE for TERA is pretty impressive. That lion-mount is beautiful!

Anyhow, back to TSW and GW2; I checked out TSW first , since I could already pre-order that. I do feel that you can get some nice things for their digital upgrades, but in the end there was no valid reason for myself to get a lifetime sub or even the £15 upgrade for a pet, another character slot or a jacket in game. I just want to play the game casually and experience it. Now I was wondering if that would have been different if they would have offered an art book with their most expensive version… I’m not quite sure. I love the concept of TSW and I can imagine how much creepy art there could be in that book. Perhaps I should be happy that I just got the normal version, or at least my wallet is.

Then there’s GW2.  Their CE is pretty impressive, but so is the price tag; £129. It is just too much for me nowadays. I am going to pre-order the normal edition and just be happy that at least that’s a game I don’t have to pay a monthly fee for.

In all honesty I am still debating if I want to purchase the CE for Mists of Pandaria when it’s released. Perhaps I’ve become a bit jaded with CE’s. I’m always afraid I’m wasting money and I will stop playing the game after 2 months.

How about you guys? Going to buy CE’s for any of the games that will be released soon?

The Ranter

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Bioware, Cataclysm, rant

Following the post by Gazimoff and Pewter, I will also give my thoughts about The Annual Pass that I signed up to. I have to admit, I didn’t sign up immediately when they announced it at Blizzcon last year. I was tempted, because everyone knows I’m a sucker for stuff like that (free mounts woot!).  I knew that I was going to play Star Wars, but after talking it over with the husband, we agreed that I could afford playing two mmo’s for a while. When Swtor started though I wasn’t that interested in wow any longer and I felt a bit of buyers  remorse. Was I ever going to really get into WoW again?

Luckily for me, I stopped playing Swtor. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the game; the story is amazing and I love the immersion the game provides. Levelling though is horrible and I just can’t do it on any other alts. In other words: I returned to WoW and I’m actually quite happy running around, levelling new alts all to prepare for mists.

Thinking about it, I do think I would sign up for the pass again. I might still take some little breaks now and again when something new comes out (Guildwars 2, Mass Effect 3, etc) but I somehow always seem to return to WoW. The pro’s about the pass for me are as following:

I love getting into beta’s. It will give me a chance to check out the class changes in the game and see if I’d still like to play my class or if I want to switch it up. I am very curious what the monk class will be like and if it will be worth it to make it my main.

I love it that I can play Diablo 3 when it comes out and I don’t have to go to a shop… I guess that feeds my laziness  and I do like Tyreal’s charcer, even if it has short legs and remind me more of a pony.

Now for the con’s: I am never a fan of long contracts, except perhaps for my marriage. I’m a very fickle person and a game I could love for a few months, could loose it’s shine in a few more. I especially notice this with mmo’s and signing up for a year to WoW was somehow a big step for me. In the end it’s working out alright. I am still enjoying WoW so far.

I’m alright with paying for the things I’m getting; mount, beta, free game, then I see the new features for the Scroll of resurrection….and I’m not quite sure how I feel about this. It’s great that people get a reward that pretty amazing for returning to wow and I am also happy that the person who sends out the scroll gets (yet another) mounts.

Call me selfish and greedy, but where is my reward of being a mostly loyal customer for 7 and a half years now? Ow that was the annual pass? That I had to pay for? Yeah…thanks. Ow wait, you also gave me a free copy of wow, tbc and wrath. That’s great! Ow… I would also have to pay for the subscription for that second account? Never mind then. I am a little bit bitter about it. I’m sure Blizzard could look at all the accounts of long time subscribers, see how many months through all the years they paid for WoW and give them a reward depending on how many months they have paid already. I’d like a spectral tiger please… with a pretty bow around it’s neck. Thank you, Blizzard. (ps. If you team up with your nemesis Bioware and make me a Garrus mount, I will love you forever.)