Day 01 — Your first character

Posted: July 9, 2012 in druid

My very first character was a nightelf druid. I knew I wanted a druid, because I always enjoyed classes that could shapeshift. Seven years ago I wasn’t really open to the idea of playing a Tauren, so I went for the Nightelf. (Of course since then I have loads of Tauren ladies and I absolutely adore them). I created a ‘pretty’ druid with long, blue hair and streaked markings on her face. I played her until level 55. Then I felt it was time to switch from a PvE server to a RP-PvP one. I couldn’t bring her over, so I decided to make a new druid.

I gave her the same name: Oronil, but changed her looks. I choose a different face (one I prefer now and always use whenever I create another female Nightelf), different colour hair and other markings. I was really happy with this new version of my beloved Oronil.

I might have strayed from her for greener fields at times (I’m looking at you thousands of alts that I play), but somehow I always identify myself with Oronil. I have long background stories for her and I have so many fond memories of playing her, that she is more then just my first or main character. She was the character I first raided on, I first roleplayed on, the character through which I met my husband.

What was your first character and do you still play him/her?

New and Old

  1. I still have my first toon…I just never finished leveling her. I probably never will either…she is a fun reminder of my first experiences in WoW. A hunter…in INT gear…yup, she is still wearing the gear I somehow managed to actually level her that far in. How, I will never know.

  2. Kaylad says:

    I created two chars at the same time. One was a gnome warrior who has since faction changed to an Orc – I needed a spare slot on that server and, as I hadn’t played her in months, she got a transfer to my “Horde server” along with a height and skin colour change. The other was a dwarf paladin who now raids with ITP 😉

  3. jamie says:

    My first toon is still my main. She’s a night elf holy priest (85). I enjoy healing and my alts are different types of healers – druid and shaman. I do have an alt mage but dps does not seem to be my forte.

    Probably it’s easier to switch between healers that to dps or tanking (which I’ve never tried).

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