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The Quitter

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Bioware, Goals, Star Wars The Old Republic


While I’m frantically refreshing my mailbox and hoping to finally see my invite to MoP pop up, I figured I might as well explain why I stopped playing Star Wars The Old Republic.

When I first started playing my Imperial Agent, I adored her. She was blue (you’ve got to love Chiss), sassy and I loved her sniper abilities. I didn’t get annoyed with her voice, which is a big plus. I played other chars in SWtor and really hated how they sounded, but my agent was perfect. Her story grabbed me and it wouldn’t let me go. I might hate certain planets and quests, but her story was so amazing that I didn’t care about that. The fact that I could choose certain dialogue options made the immersion so much better.

*SPOILERS AHEAD* I went through so many emotions on that character. I started to suspect everyone around me of trying to get me killed. It even made me ponder about certain chat options for minutes. If I would choose this answer… what consequences would that have? Stuff like that. There was a time when she flirted heavily, well she always did that, with a Chiss leader on Hoth and I was stunned when he grabbed her and kissed her. My agent felt like the female version of a womaniser and somehow that was so much fun to play. She had a sassy personality, but was always looking out for the best options for her Empire. Then she met Vector and as said before she like his awkwardness. It made playing my agent even more interesting, I was curious about what would happen with the relationship between my agent and Vector. I was delighted when they got married in the end. I also remember a point in the story when she gets ‘brainwashed’ and you can’t talk about what happens to you. You see the dialogue option ‘tell that you’re being brainwashed’, you click it, but instead you say that everything is just hunky-dory. It made me chuckle, but I was also outraged when I got betrayed and hurt by someone and I literally yelled in the house; ‘all bets are off, you’re dead next time I see you buddy!’

Then I reached level 50…my class story came to an end and so ended my enjoyment. I just felt disconnected with my character. Her story had ended, she felt like an empty husk  with no more story just for her. I tried playing other characters, but it just didn’t click like with my agent. I did like the bounty hunter, but her voice wasn’t how I wanted her to sound, how I wanted to sound. I just couldn’t immerse myself into the other characters.

Now came the second problem; even if I would have continued playing my bounty hunter or trooper (the two classes that seemed interesting when it came to story and playstyle) I still had to deal with the quests. I couldn’t do my quests on the same planets again. It just felt like a horrible grind to me. Sure, I could have pvp’ed my way up to 50 and just do my class quests, but it felt like so much work. In the end it annoyed me more to play and it felt like I was having a second job. Now comparing it to WoW, which I’ve played for over 7 years and still enjoy questing (just don’t mention outland or northrend to me) this is a pretty stark contrast.

In a way I really hate it that I’m not playing the game any more and that has more to do with my love for my agent, the love I feel for such a great company (I adore Bioware’s games and how they drag you into their stories) and the fact that again another game me and my husband would be able to play together. After he left WoW, Swtor was going to be the mmo that would be ours again, but it just didn’t work.

I’m not quite sure if I’ll return to the game. Perhaps if my story would continue, I would happily run around on my agent again. So I am keeping my fingers crossed. … I am also keeping my fingers crossed that Bioware will bring out a DLC ending where my Sheppard is having loads of babies with her Turian husband. Keep your fingers and toes crossed!


The Planner

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Goals, WoW
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I’m probably not the first and I most certainly won’t be the last person giving my opinion about the new Pandaren female model. In short, I’m happy with it. She looks cute, but not overly sexy. She might not be as big and round as some people hoped, but at least she’s not (as I like to call it) a pair of melons on a stick. I love what they did with her hair and I can’t wait to get a cute bun with chopsticks on my future characters.

After falling in love with the new female Pandaren model, I have the following list in my head for characters on Argent Dawn:

  • Tauren Shaman (who might be race changed into a panda, she’s already level 58)
  • Nightelf Mage (might also change her into a panda)
  • Nightelf and Tauren Druid (both with different specs: cat/bear and moonkin/resto)
  • Troll Warlock
  • Dreanai Warrior
  • Dreanai Hunter
  • Bloodelf Rogue
  • And two Pandarian Monks!

All female characters. I will not be playing a Paladin or a Deathknight on this server. I don’t mind the Paladin class that much, but I’d prefer to have two Druids. Who knows, if the monk class isn’t that great I might get a Paladin after all. When it comes to the Monks I will put them on Horde and Alliance. Lets see how that works out.

Looking at the glyph changes for druids, I will also be levelling a glyphmaker. I think my two Druids will be good candidates for that.

Now with all of this, I am still looking for a fun guild on Argent Dawn. Though there is a contest coming up where we are starting a guild for the Podcast and podcast listeners. With some luck that guild will grow into a wonderful home!

I have been incredibly busy lately. I found it hard to log in and actually work on the 2 achievements I really want. Loremaster and grinding rep for the Cenarion Circle and Expedition. I only do it, because I love the titles:

Loremaster Orronil or Orronil, Guardian of Cenarius. *blissful sigh*

The time I was online I started to slowly grind for both and behold, I did achieve something:

And as you can see, I still need to finish around 80 quest in Icecrown.

I did hit exalted with the Cenarion Circle, but no flashy things popped up :< Now I’m trying to grind those damn ears to hand in at the Deta guys and getting my claws on coilfang armaments. Slowly it’s creeping up, but it’s a slow rep grind.

Then there are some other things on my list. With Cata and the whole world-changing, I realised that I do want to hit exalted with certain factions and do more mount runs. I checked my list of reputations and it seems since I’ve played this char almost from the launch of WoW, she’s actually not far off from exalted with most factions. This will be my new list:

  • Exalted Zandalar Tribe
  • Exalted Wintersaber trainers
  • Try to get the Baron’s mount
  • Try to get the raptor from ZG
  • Try to get the tiger from ZG
  • ow and while I’m at it, still trying to get Anzu. Damn bird still hasn’t dropped his reigns :/

I have decided to put my levelling on hold. I’ll try to level them all when Cata comes out. That way it will be fresh and fun again. I will also have to transfer all my hordies to an all horde server. Call me slightly weird, but I like having servers ordered by faction.

So what about everyone else? Anyone quickly grinding rep or mounts before the world is changed?

Cataclysmic Goals

Posted: April 22, 2010 in Cataclysm, Goals
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We still have a few months (at least) to go before Cataclysm will be upon us. Raiding in my guild is kinda slow, so I decided to put some goals up for myself before the new expansion is available.

  1. Get all my alts up to 80; I’ve already reserved a nice spot for my fresh puppy rogue. I might even be completely insane and make another druid (Worgen). I still have 4 characters lying around that I really want to level to 80 at the moment though. One is my level 75 priest. She is actually fun to play, but I don’t really like healing on her so much after experiencing druid healing again. Face melting however, totally fun! Perhaps it could also be Northrend. I love levelling in the old world, but as soon as I hit Northrend I get this overall ‘meh’-feeling. Perhaps it’s also because my experience bar isn’t moving as fast as I wish it did after handing in a quest. Then we have my level 20’s; a hunter, a warlock and a shaman. They will get up to 80… hopefully in the next few months. Perhaps it would be best that as soon as I get the ‘meh’-feeling to switch to one of my alts and experience the wonders of Westfall again.
  2. Get Anzu on my main druid; I’ve been running Heroic Sethek Halls for weeks now and I’m starting to scream obscenities to Anzu every time he disappoints me, but I will not stop killing him over and over again until I can ride him like a wild pony.
  3. Scrap together some more achievements and gold; I know Blizzard will start to charge us money for flying in the old world and it’s time I should start saving for it. I’m also going for the infamous Loremaster title. I must be crazy trying it, but I will hate myself if I don’t even try it. I did read up on how to find all the quests.  I need to install Tom Tom, everyquest (I already have that one), Loremaster and lightheaded.
  4. Get my gear up. Right, I’m not a fan of the whole gearscore hype, but it is a good way of seeing how my gear is doing. My resto gear is not too bad, but doing dailies as a resto is an enormous pain in the rear-end. I duel-specced as a boomie again, but the gear I have on there isn’t just that great. It will only take me 110 frost emblems and 270 triumph emblems to get both my sets to a good standard…..urgh..
  5. Rep grinding; I have been oogling that fishing rod from the walrusmen for some time now. I could get it if I put in some effort.

All in all it shouldn’t be too hard to get to my goals before Cataclysm comes out. My guess will be that it will be out around November. I wonder how wrong I’ll be.