Why I play girls

Posted: June 5, 2012 in roleplay

I had this chat with my husband yesterday and he basically asked me why I don’t have any male toons in WoW.

It was a good question and I thought about it for a bit. I think the biggest issue with male toons is the lack of immersion for me. I can’t really identify myself with a male character. I find the female characters more fun to play.

Now I’m not saying I dislike male toons. Take the worgen for example. I think the male toons are far better than the female ones. (seriously, don’t get me started about the rabid Chihuahua head that the females have),  but when male worgen shift back into their human form I just want to curl up in a  ball and die. No, I’m not a fan of male human toons. They are boring and have porn moustaches.

I might as well make this into a little list of favourites and all!

Alliance males:

  1. Worgen (only in worgen form)
  2. Draenai
  3. Nightelves
  4. Dwarves
  5. Gnomes
  6. Humans

Horde Males

  1. Tauren
  2. Trolls
  3. Goblins
  4. Bloodelves
  5. Undead
  6. Orcs

In all honesty, I prefer the Horde male toons a lot more. I used to have a male Tauren and Troll and I adored them. Unfortunately, I keep having the immersion issue. I lose the connection with my toon as soon as it doesn’t have any boobies.

I have to admit though that this might change in Mist of Pandaria. I was incredibly enthusiastic about the female Pandaren, until this week when I heard her voice. I hate it. Where the character looks bouncy, fun and full of live, almost anime-ish, her voice is dull, bland and sounds like an old woman. It just doesn’t fit the character.

Now the male Pandaren voice is fun to me. I giggled when I heard some of the things he said and in all honesty I don’t mind the character models at all. So perhaps MoP will make things different for me and I might have a male toon in my list of characters to play.

  1. I usually play female toons. Back when Meridian59 was the hot, new, MMORPG, I used to switch off between playing male toons and playing female toons. It was interesting to see how other players responded based on what gender they presumed I was when they looked at the character I rolled. At that time, when I played a male toon, I got ignored. But, when I played a female toon, suddenly, I had other players handing me weapons and armor, and offering to help me do some of the tougher quests. 😉

    I just turned 39, and have been a girl gamer since pong. I grew up being told “Girls don’t play video games”. I remember a time when if you saw a female character in a video game it was because she was the princess, and you (playing a male character) were supposed to save her. In Donkey Kong, you played a character that looked a lot like the later Mario character, and you had to climb ladders and jump over barrels in order to save the princess that the giant gorilla had captured. In the earliest Mario games, it was “I’m sorry, Mario, but the princess is in another castle”. I’m pretty sure that the earliest Legend of Zelda games were about Link trying to save, or at least find, Zelda (though, at the time, many people thought Link WAS Zelda).

    Fast forward several years, and we had Diablo, where players could choose to play the rogue, (which was female). Right now in WoW, all my toons are female. Somehow, the little kid in me, who wasn’t given the option to play a female character in a video game, delights in the fact that there is this option in games today. In many ways, I feel like I have already spent years playing male toons, so, now it is time to play female ones.

    That being said, I am going to roll a male Panda when the WoW expansion is ready. I really like how fat and round they are, and the female Panda just feels too small to me. I wanted to play a big, round, panda. The male are big and round – that will work.

    Oh, and one more thing — the video you included in your blog made me LOL! 😀

    • antlergirl says:

      It actually makes perfect sense now. I too used to play all those games and back then I just kind of accepted that there were no female toons. I love how times have changed 🙂

      I am thinking of rolling a big male Pandaren warrior 😀

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