The Bucketlister

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Goals

The good old Bucketlist, ow how much I love you. People who know me, know that I love my lists. In fact, if you look at my desk or my diary you would see both covered in to-do-lists.

Now that we are in the Beta for MoP, I thought it would be time for a little bucketlist of things I want to achieve before MoP goes live.

–          Level my non-panda chars in the following order:

  • goblin mage (85 – done)
  • Tauren druid (81)will only be levelled with my husband’s character
  • Belf paladin (81)
  • Tauren Shaman (70)
  • Goblin Priest (62)
  • Draenai Priest (80)
  • Gnome Warlock (71)
  • Nelf Hunter (76)
  • Human Rogue (70)
  • Draenai Shaman (61)
  • Troll Warlock (10)
  • Orc Warrior (15) I will level this character together with my husband
  • Nelf Deathknight (58)
  • Nelf Mage (60) thought I’m thinking of deleting her and creating a troll DK if I like the nelf dk that I already have.


–          Get all my professions up to max and have all professions that are in the game

–          Decide whether my nelf druid or my draenai mage will become main for MoP (I am leaning towards my druid at the moment)

–          Start pet collecting on my new main

It’s a long list when it comes to leveling all those characters, but it’s one of the things I really enjoy doing in the game. I’ll talk about my bucketlist perhaps in another week or maybe month.


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