The contemplator; (Or why I won’t play Tera)

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

I think I might have said before that I was in the Tera beta. I actually was very unlucky with grabbing keys through their facebook page, so I just signed up for their trial/beta option and paid my £5 to try it out. Now let me start with some of the positive points of the game:

I loved the character creation screen; it told you so much about the class you were going to pick and the race. The customization is amazing and I really think that the characters look great. I am one of the few women out there who really don’t mind that my character has huge boobs and that her outfits might be a bit too revealing. Sure, when the highelf bend forward and her boobs did a pornstar-esque movement I did shake my head, but I couldn’t help but smile a bit to myself. I know some of my male friends will love this sort of thing. Now to something that got me excited: the hair. I have seen so many amazing hairdo’s that I am lamenting the state of the do’s in wow.

The gameplay itself is not bad. I found it really difficult to get into the swing of not auto-attacking and actually playing the game as if I was playing an action adventure game. It was new and something fresh. It kept me on edge with my tactics and moves.

The soundtrack is very nice. I enjoyed listening to it while slashing my way through the countryside.

The world is beautiful. There were a few moments that I just looked around me for minutes, taking in the scenery. The monsters are very interesting too, but here comes my first negative of the game. The monsters look the same after a while and I guess this is also a big fault of the questing. I had to do a certain quest to kill…let’s call them foozles. I go off to kill the foozles and hand in my quest… ow I have to kill them again and loot something else from them… okay. I had to do this 3 times with the same mobs. It gets old very quickly. I thought I would run to the next area and see what new mobs there would be…. no new mobs; they look exactly the same! No, hold on I was wrong; the name is different. These are ‘elder foozles’. I face palmed several times.

It might not be as grindy as the Korean version, but it’s still pretty damn grindy. In fact I will call this game a grindfest. I was not enjoying the questing at a certain point and I was hoping it was just because of the starting area. After I would leave this place it would all be better.

I jumped on the nearest Pegasus and had an amazing flight to the main city. It was amazing. Then I couldn’t find any quests for a very long time and I got really annoyed. I asked around and there is my second gripe with the game: the community. Fair enough; it’s beta and not everyone was a douche, but by golly, loads of them were. I got so annoyed with the level of immaturity that I decided not to ask in any channel anymore and just look around for quests myself. I found them but the grindfest just continued. I’m not saying that this is the only mmo where it gets a bit grindy. Wow certainly has its moments, but unlike wow the story of Tera just doesn’t pull me in. I care absolutely not for my characters background. Ow and one thing that I really hated: in the intro scene you see your character fly on a Pegasus among some other ‘adventurers’. Now these adventurers talk to each other… but they still have to Korean lip movement going on, with American voices. Ever seen those Asian kung fu movies where they dubbed over them with American/English voices, yeah I’m talking about that kind of quality. It’s minor, but it annoyed the shit out of me.

I have to give the game credit for the Unreal-engine and I wish that in the future wow might switch over to something so gorgeous, however, when it comes to gameplay/questing it’s not a game I’m willing to pay for.


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