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Time for some Spring cleaning

Posted: March 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

I haven’t really posted in ages. I have been debating a lot what I wanted to do with this blog. The main reason for this internal discussion has to do with the fact that I recently cancelled my WoW-subscription. I’m not saying I will never come back and in all honesty I suspect I’ll be back in 3 months again, but I just need a change of scenery.

I’ve been playing WoW for six years now and that is a very long time. I am not happy with the changes to how hard dungeons are or how your gear has to be of a certain level now to join heroics. Even if I used to be a Vanilla-veteran (I hate the prhase) I think I did become a Wrath-baby (another prhase I hate) in the end. I play WoW to enjoy myself, not to stress myself out what the best specs/gear/rotations are and how I could be best in [instert random role]. It’s just not who I am. Well, not any more.

What I also miss is my old ‘wow-family’, sure I still hang out with a few on Facebook and in my podcast, but I miss the atmosphere my big guild used to have. I love the new guild I’m in, but a certain connection is missing. Hence making WoW less of a major factor in my life then it used to be.

So what now? Well, I’m taking a little break from the game. In the meantime I’m filling that break with other games and more creative work. I subscribed for 3 months to Rift and giving it an honest chance. It’s good, but I can’t say it has really grasped me. I was really enthousiastic in the first weeks, but now I just miss that tightknit community and a new mmo hasn’t solved that yet. I’ll keep playing it and socialising in the game and see if I can get that all back.

I’ve also purchased a PS3 and I’m playing Dante’s Inferno on it. I have to say I am quite enjoying myself. Bad thing is though, I noticed how old I’ve gotten. When I was 12 I could play these games with my eyes closed. Now ever button combination takes a bit too long and I can just feel my adrenaline surging through my body every time I fail on a boss fight or I have to jump on something. I am still enjoying it though, I just need to get back into the whole adventure-game thing.

So in the future you’ll see W0W-posts where I ponder about the game and my history in it, but I will also talk about other things in my life. From now on Human Moose will be a gamer/geek/creative blog…of some sorts. Yeah… I need to come up with a better line for that.