I finally did it!

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

After a few weeks of going around the worlds to find all the quests I needed, I finally finished Loremaster yesterday.

I went back to Dalaran only to find a lovely letter by Tyrande, with another tabard. Which accidently also got me the achievement for 10 tabards *rolls eyes*

I’m sick at home at the moment (same as yesterday) and was bored out of my skull. I started to finish of my two rep grinds:

Finally exalted with the Zandalar tribe ^^ Now just to snag those mounts from Zul Gurrub.

And the other title I really wanted ever since it came out:

Guardian of Cenarius. If it was up to me I would be calling my character: Loremaster Orronil, Guardian of Cenarius. Now I just try to alter it each day ^^

I’ve started the rep grind with the wintersaber trainers, but I’m already hating it. I’m just friendly with them and it’s boring as hell :/

  1. Pindleskin says:

    Oh the joy of being sick at home 😀 Gratz on all the achieves, titles and tabards. Tis nice to be able to get something done during the expansion slump.

    • antlergirl says:

      It is, even if I do want to level some alts at the moment, my brain is saying ‘no, wait for cata.’ So at least I can focus on the achievements now ^^

  2. Kaethir says:

    gratz on all the achieves – loremaster is a pain for those of us that never played vanilla wow…

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