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The Dreaded Feral

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’ve levelled as feral before. I even had a shot at tanking as a bear in TBC. I only tanked with guildies and warned them that it was practice runs, so dying was probably going to happen. I didn’t suck. Then how come that I’m still being a resto/moonkin?

I find feral complicated and dare I say it, I’m a very lazy player. That was until recently. I started to read up more about resto’s and I really love playing a resto NOW. My other spec (the moonkin one) isn’t interesting to me anymore. I’ve played it for 5 years and I just don’t feel the connection any longer. I was toying with the idea of playing feral again and after reading some feral blogs, I’m starting to get really enthusiastic about exploring this new build for my beloved druid. I will stay resto for the guild, but if I seriously start enjoying feral I’ll make my druid a cat/bear-build for Cataclysm.

So to start things off I’ve been running dungeons with my hubbie. I’m still healing, but I’m gathering badges and rolling need on the feralgear that drops. Once I have some good gear, I’m going to try out feral-dps and practice bear-tanking within the safety of my guild 😉

It’s weird how exciting this makes me feel about my little druid again. I guess changing specs as a hybrid class is also a way to beat the pre-expansion boredom. Well, that and Loremaster…

And if anyone has any tips for a fresh virgin feral player, let me know ^^